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  1. RichoCa

    2007 Hangtown National MX

    I'll be there. I got hooked up with tix and wrist bands for the Red Bull tent.
  2. I believe I still have the stock header and an extra muffler sitting around from my 98. Dont know if the "butt plug" is around anymore, but I'll check. P.M. me .
  3. RichoCa

    2008 KLX450R Video

    Awesome looking, but I did notice that when a big tail whip was being shown the bike was a KX450F and not the KLX. Unless the lost the light for the jump. Not that I care, I saving my $$$$ for the klx450
  4. RichoCa

    ACR mod?

    I had Brewster do mine for me. So easy to start now, I can fire it by hand if I wanted.
  5. RichoCa

    GT tomorrow morning

    LostBoys and I will be at MM around 8:30. Silver Dodge with a big Thor sticker in the back window.
  6. RichoCa

    The FCR is in!

    HAHAHA I also have a 1/4 throttle now too. I have a feeling I'll be on my rear more then once.. Good times
  7. RichoCa

    The FCR is in!

    I knew the KLX is an awesome bike for what is, but now.....! It's like it "woke up" Hard to explain. I know it will never be a 450, but wow. In a tight trail syatem it will now hold it's own with anything. Playing with the taffy colar was the fun part. I think I just got lucky honestly. I did the dime distance first then just slid it down, which made it worse. Started sliding it up from the dime point and after the second try I got it. I'm really looking forward to Saturday.
  8. RichoCa

    The FCR is in!

    Well the FCR35 is in the bike. So after waiting what felt like forever to get the 58 pilot jet shipped and doing the taffy mod the 300 feels like a whole different bike. I just did a quick up and down the street, but there was no doubt that there was different animal under me. I'm taking her to Moon rock Saturday for the first ride. On a side note, while doing the jetting and taffy mod I ended with a few extras if anyone is in need. I have 3 or 4 of the collars for the taffy mod and 3 extra 58 pilot jets. Only paid for 1, but they sent 4 by mistake.
  9. OK. Just came in from working on the bike. Looks like she's dialed in. Just put in a FCR to replace the CVK that came stock. WOW! Zero bog or hesitation. If you see a silver Dodge Ram with a big ass Thor sticker in the back window stop by and say hi. I'll be there with LostBoys. Never been to Moon Rocks before, but it looks like it's similar to the Arizona riding I used to do. Good times!
  10. RichoCa

    It's a 110!

    My in-laws just picked up an 07' for my son (out grew the 05 cfr50) for 1650 OTD in Awatuki (sp?) Arizona. It's basically Phoenix. They also gave them 4 t-shirts. Going to pick it up when we visit for spring break.
  11. RichoCa

    klx300r free mods?

  12. RichoCa


    Guess I need some new jets then. mine is set: Pilot - 50 Main - 165 Main air - 200 clip 3rd from top Thanks for the reply
  13. RichoCa

    Road Trip from Northern California to Scottsdale

    I'll be there for spring break as well and taking the bikes too. I lived and rode there for a bit then moved back to Sac. Pima and Dynamite area of north Scottsdale also and area in north west phoenix called the mile markers is really good too. The is another area and I already can't think of the name of it, but it's up the B-line Hwy just a bit north of Fountain Hills thats good too. there is also an area on your way to the mile markes thats ok too (the Bar). I hear they are closing some of it down due to dust. I'll be there the first week of April. Going to be in north west phoenix (near the 303) for a couple days visiting my brother-in-law then it's up to the Show Low area to visit the in-laws..
  14. RichoCa


    Got my FCR apart and ready for a good cleaning. The guy I bought it from says it's set up for the KLX300. Does anyone know what Jerry at FSW sets the jetting on the carbs at? Sea level to 5,000ft are my riding areas. Thanks is advance.
  15. RichoCa

    ACR mod done!

    Bruce hooked me up too and yes, I start it by hand every time it's on the stand and I'm going to lube the chain. Thanks again Bruce.