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  1. Sorry about that I just saw that you said yamalube 10/30.
  2. I just picked this thing up for my son and was wondering how you check the oil level. I see no sight glass and it has no dip stick. I checked the side cover for a check bolt but cant seem to find one. Thanks
  3. Im the guy he told to knock the teeth off the sprocket. I'm still trying to figure that one out
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I gotta tell you, I sure am glad I found this site. Any of you guys into mini atv's?
  5. I was a little worried about the back pressure issue so I just orderd one from Powroll. At least this way when he out grows it I can sell it with the sparky fully intact. Hopefully between this and the 13 tooth front sprocket it will have a little more snap to it.
  6. Is this worth the money or should I just do a little trimming on the screen of the spark arrestor? By the way this is on the crf 70.
  7. crf 100 ???????????? Any way thanks Guys. I hope the shafts are the same between an 04 and an 06. Dennis kirk didnt show any when I typed in 06. So I ordered a 13 tooth for an 04.
  8. Can anybody tell me the best place to get a 13 tooth sprocket. All the dealers around here only stock a 15. Thanks