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    Full Size Truck Help

    Everyone, Thanks for all for help and information. So it looks like reading the thread I have some votes for Dodge, GM ( GMC or Chevy ), Nissan and one vote for Ford. My buddy at work thinks that I should get a F-150 or Nissan due to the extra towing capacity. It supposedly can tow 9100lbs ( I would like to see it done safely ) and the GM made truck(s) can only town 7700lbs. He also thinks that the Ford's interior is alot better and that the ride is better. Would the people who have F-150's vouch to that ??? To me personally the towing is not a big deal since the heaviest thing I have to possibly tow is a 6000lb tractor or a bobcat, but I believe that most rental places wont let you tow a bobcat without a 3/4 ton truck. Having talked to a couple guys at work that have F-150's they say the gas mileage sucks and the ride is a normal truck ride. I personally do not know anyone with a Titan who can vouch for ride and gas mileage. Thanks again, Scott
  2. morningwood

    Full Size Truck Help

    Honestly if I was impressed with my Toyota look, feel, service and ride I would not be looking at buying another truck besides a Toyota. Toyota is "suppose" to make these great quality vehicles but my Toyota's bumper is already rusting ( has been for 2 years ) and Toyota says I need to wax it more. My truck vibrates at 70 MPH and the Toyota dealership told me I need to rotate my tires every 3k miles and after they looked at they told me it was fixed. They fixed it via dropping the air pressure down on all tires to 22PSI, that did wonders to my MPG. My wife will probably drive the truck some, when we test drove the silverado I let her drive and she thought it was easy to drive but thought it was very wide and long. I would love to own a diesel truck due to the added reliability / MPG but for the extra money they cost I am not sure I will get the money back out of it as I only tow a trailer a few times a month. Thanks, Scott
  3. Guys / Gals, Currently own a 2002 Toyota Pre-Runner V-6 and I am looking for a new full size 4 X 4 truck. The reason I am looking for a new truck is that my wife and I just moved out to the country last year and I have already slid into a ditch ( was only doing 20 - 25 mph and hit a ice patch ) and got stuck in the snow ( yes I do have sand bags in the back and tried using posi track ) in my driveway a few days ago trying to unload some lumber. I get about 20 - 22mpg doing a mix of city / highway driving, but I do drive mostly on the highway. So moving to a V-8 would not be that much of a change on my gas mileage. My wife and I test drove a 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 4 X 4 Crew Cab yesterday and was very impressed with the ride, feel, amenities over my current Toyota. I am planning on doing some more test drives later this week. I am not biased towards owning a Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Toyota or Nissan. To the folks on the forum that have 1/2 or 3/4 ton full size truck, what would you have done differently ( I know I would of gotten 4WD ) and why did you choose the brand of truck ( reliability, MPG, towing, etc, etc )you have ???? Please no flame wars ( Chevy vs Ford vs Whomever ). Thanks, Scott