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  1. DzNuts

    New to Supermoto - need advice!

    What about a cheaper set up for Street and SM. -Rims & tires -Brakes -Sprockets And what else...? I have seen kits for a simple street conversion that was around $1800. Is there alot more a person would need to do a simple street conversion?
  2. DzNuts

    New to Supermoto - need advice!

    Wanna point him in any direction? I am sure a link would help.
  3. Where do I buy the tickets?
  4. Sure he did all that. Barely, but he did. MJ could have and should have picked someone else that could do much better. I personally know others in RR that have beaten him out in the AMA's without a factory sponsor. All I am saying is MJ made a bad choice. He could have done better. Giving a few other people the money that Montez gets to play with and MJ could have had a front running guy. He needs to put his friendship aside and dump the backmarker. Why are we talking about the AMA's. Oh yeah.. money can buy you anything.
  5. You saying Montez had a reason to field the grid? Let's face it, MJ messed up on that decision.
  6. Rossi. I am not trying to over credit the guy, but I believe he is in the top 10 paid athletes.
  7. Just like Rossi went to Yamaha?!?! At the point of getting out of MX and going into RR- these guys are very competetive by nature, I am sure they would want to step back and not have the great talents to compete against. Now if you would have said that starting out in MX gives a great advantage in RR than I would agree 100% with your statement. Coming from MX give a person a great advantage in learning trust in your tires and also the feeling of what a controled slide feels like. Not enough people in RR trust there tires enough not panic when there tire let loose a little bit. Most guys panic, but not after coming through MX and feelin what a controled slide is. About not stepping up through as many ranks in RR as you do in MX. False. Like I said in.. In europe it is a much larger sport than it is in the US. Over there they DO have the competion to weed through before hitting the top ranks. It is not quite as stiff as the AMA superbike's where say- somebody rich *coughmichealjordancough* can throw a bunch of money at you and buy you a spot in the field. MotoGP is a much tougher place to get into. (Unless you are the son of a hall on fame RR (KR jr) and have no reason to be out there) Which in that case is VERY quickly run off.
  8. DzNuts

    3 feet deeper - late night ramble - Scream

    Very good write up!!! I am more into Roadracing, but in general, all that information can be used in any form of racing. Come this spring, the thing you thought me in that write-up will be used to knock a few more seconds off of my times at BIR. Thanks TeamScream.
  9. DzNuts

    Rhino Liner frame protector stuff ??

    Any idea how much weight that added? And about how much $ did that run you? I've wanted to do that but don't really want to rip apart the whole inside of my truck.
  10. We can only speculate about who the best is. But IMO Rossi is better. The idea that there is more competition in MX is a false statement. In europe Roadracing is a MUCH larger sport than in the US. And to say that Rossi doesn't have the competion, Please. He is facing the best of the best in the World. I would agree- that in any local organization (of RR) that there isn't that stiff of competion but to dominate MotoGP.... RC is only facing some of the best in the country. Somebody says that in MX the track changes every lap- In RR they are lossing the traction of their tires in every corner. So they are pushing there bike to the limit everytime and never knowing for sure how much it will hold.
  11. DzNuts

    Finding a SM

    Is it almost impossible to find a WR, XR, YZ or etc that is already converted to SM. I have been looking around and can't hardly find anything. If you are selling or know of where to find one post up. Thanks.
  12. DzNuts

    Supermoto ?

    This looks like the perfect place to find all my answers, so thanks in advance for all you help. I have been doing some research on building/buying a motard and everbody seems to point me towards buying a xr650 but I am a yamaha guy at heart so I would like to stick to blue. Are any of the yamaha's a good candidate for a street/trackday bike, or would I be better off going with an xr. It would be used mostly for street riding in the twistys, but would also be doing a couple track days (strictly pavement). Can anybody point my towards a good yami or would an xr be the only way? Thanks