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  1. I have a 2-seater Bombardier outlander max 400 and they are great. Sometimes a little tight in some trails. I would agree that you should not ride 2 people on a 1 person atv. Remember infractions on ATV's are MISDEMEANORS! Of course some times DNR will give you a "BREAK" and only write it as a $100+ civil infraction. THANKS OFFICER! Not sure on the polaris, but watch the width of the newer 2 seaters as wider is not always better.
  2. Just came back from there, stayed in Matewan. You dont need direct access, as you can ride your bike on the roads ( no hot-doggin' ). Watch out for trail 198 it gets pretty technical without warning and there is a section that you could make it down one hill and not make it up the next un-assisted. The black diamond stuff wasn't terrible though. Good luck, and RIDE-ON !!!
  3. How ironic, I was just checking them out myself. I spoke to John (Owner) and he said the track is "mellow" for amateurs (like myself and 8yr old son). During open practice people are put into groups of < 10 riders depending on class of bike. You are on the track for 10min then off and another group comes on. $25 for membership (annual) and $25 each day of practice Sorry to sound like a commercial, but I'm going, taking my son, and I'm fired up!!!!!