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  1. Had a great time at the LL fall trail ride. Got in 60 miles in 3.3 hours with my little bro Daniel Arant.

  2. dirty33

    Yamaha PW50 1985

    Picked this bike up from my boss, who had it since new. My 6 yr old is loving it.
  3. dirty33

    Yamaha PW50 (1985)


    Picked this bike up from my boss, who had it since new. My 6 yr old is loving it.
  4. dirty33

    Boxx-Tech Maintenance Boards

    These boards are great! Mounted the larger board on the wall in the shop, not only does it help me keep up my maintenance but it also looks great. Throw the smaller board in the toolbox or gear bag when heading to the track and I don't have to guess my suspension settings, a quick glance at the board and I know right where I am at. Love the mag strips, can put it on the inside of the truck bed and it is out of the way but easily view able. The hour meter is basically the same as any other that I have owned but def. a better price. The package deal is a great price and also made in the USA is awesome. I will def. recommend both of these for anyone owning a dirt bike.
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    DESCRIPTION We have put together a kit for you that includes our Bracket and a High Quality, Stainless Steel Model A Light with Glass Lenses. These are the highest quality reproduction Model A lights available! The Light has a clear window in the bottom of it to illuminate your license plate CNC Cut Powder Coated Gloss Black Chrome License Plate Frame IS NOT included, but can be picked up at any motorcycle shop for around $5.00 All of our products are made in house, and not farmed out to the lowest bidder. Every part is made start to finish right here in our shop
  6. dirty33

    Barnett Black Vinyl Clutch Cable

    Perfect fit.
  7. dirty33

    Barnett Black Vinyl Throttle Cable

    Perfect fit.
  8. dirty33

    Suzuki RMZ450 (2014)


    Love this bike. Been out of MX for about 5 yrs.
  9. dirty33

    Suzuki RMZ450 2014

    Love this bike. Been out of MX for about 5 yrs.
  10. My 2011 KTM 250XC. All stock except for the barkbusters. This bike is perfect for the woods and MX.
  11. dirty33

    silverado lift questions

    You will not have any problems running that setup. I work at Rough Country and we have many trucks running around with that same setup. The torsion bars are adjustable so you can change the height of the front end accordingly. If you have any questions just shoot me a pm. Thanks Dustin
  12. dirty33

    Make my XJ taller!!

    That would not be a bad idea on other vehicles. However, you are unable to put a body lift on a XJ because of the uni-body construction.
  13. dirty33

    Make my XJ taller!!

    Never say never.