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  1. I think Iam about to buy the baja designs dualsport kit for my 250x and wondering if anyone else has done or seen this? if so, tell me what you think!
  2. maby you should buy all of them and decide what one you like and sell the rest ps. ur nuts. lol
  3. hahahahaha, man i sold my 400ex that was pretty done up( HMF full exhaust, Elkas all around, blablabla) to get an X!!! Iam shockdddd that anyone would even think about doing this! if anything get a 450! 400exs are soffftt.....lol I Vote Crazy with a capital C haha
  4. i find it not a problem by just rollin back on the throttle in first and sitting or leaning back and the front wheel just pops up, but in 2nd its deffintly harder... 40oz, what kind of exhaust system and cam do u have?
  5. hey heckler, where didd you get ur carbon fiber frame guards?? and for how much?
  6. come on guys anythin??
  7. when my 250x is just sitting there off and i pull in the clutch it wont go out of gear... is that normal?
  8. do they not make one for the 250x too? Im pretty sure they do, but not sure if its quick release....
  9. wat is this pink wire mod??