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  1. 78scottsdale

    XR 200 R modifications

    I have a 2002 Xr 200 r. I am looking for an exhaust system. Supertrapp seems to make the the least expenseive one. Is in any good? I'm also looking for a new air filter, what brand is best? My suspension is junk, how can I improve it or is there new suspension I can buy?
  2. 78scottsdale

    xr 200r air filter

    I have a 2002 xr200r and its airfilter is junk. It has always let dirt in, and my rings are shot because of it. Whats a good airfilter for the bike? Thanks
  3. 78scottsdale

    Questions on 2002 Xr200r

    My 2002 Xr200r has horrible front and back suspension for hitting any kind of jump or doing any motocrossing. I am asking if anyone nows about and after market shocks or forks that I could get for motocross riding. Thanks!