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  1. jniles

    2005 Stock Seat "Urgent"

    yes it will
  2. jniles

    did the cam chain jump?

    yeah thats my guess right now. I will see tonight
  3. jniles

    did the cam chain jump?

    cam chain is fine, the timing is spot on, but when I attempt to kick it over, once every 2-3 kicks it will give way at the bottom of the stroke...like something is skipping, I will drain the oil (look for metal) pull the cover off and start to inspect the kickstarter assembly...??I have no idea. will keep posting when i find out whats going on.
  4. jniles

    did the cam chain jump?

    let me start by saying that I adjusted the cam chain regularly. But that being said the last adjustment looked like there was not much more tension then before I attempted the adjustment. But it didnt really seem to be that loose. I rode today, everything fine, except for a difficult start, and an uncharacteric stall right after I clicked it into gear (figured it was from race fuel I was using, as opposed to normal 91 octane). Anyway after a couple of hours at the track, I highsided, and sat on the side of the track for 15 minutes trying to kick bike over. Then....I kicked through and it felt/sounded as though it gave way at the bottom of the stroke. Like jumped a tooth/teeth. I never felt anything like it, so i wasnt sure it if it was my imagination ( i did just highside and smacked my head pretty hard.) after a few more attempts it started, but sounded rough. I went right to the truck and loaded up. Now at home I try to kick the bike on the stand, and same thing happened after the 5th kick(kind of a slip), it never take that many kicks, when starting cold. I pulled the rocked cover off and the chian is definitly looser then it had been , I tried to adjust then tension. and the tensioner does not make any adjustment. What the hell is going on, any thoughts would be appriciated. I am a novice mechanic, I am trying get a feel for where to start. thanks
  5. jniles

    Stripped bolt HOLE(???)

    i assume u are talking about the journal cover, that the rocker cover bolts on to. Yes they strip really easily. Simple fix though. Take the journal cover off ( this is the piece where the bolt threads into...it has (4) 8mm posts). Tap it out to the next bolt size. Make sure you do that off the bike so that no metal shavings fall in to the engine. Make sure you do both bolts, the new grab pattern of the bigger bolt (the one you just tapped) will lift the opposite side of the rocker cover enough to leak oil. Even though there is no compression in there, it will make an absolute mess. So do yourself a favor and do both while your in there. This is super easy. And btw the holes in the rocker cover is easily big enough to accomadate a bigger bolt. Good luck
  6. jniles

    Fork oil Level

    last night I knocked out the aftermarket air bleeder after I crashed and bent the bars. I lost some fork oil through the bleeder hole...not sure how much, can I top off the oil level (to the right volume) w/o dumping the all the oil and starting from zero.
  7. jniles

    a diff kind of brake tapping

    using ur front brake in the air will still bring ur front end down if the front wheel is rotating ( which it should be) ....but no one should recommend this. Like someone said before, if ur still holding it as u land, u will wad urself out. Stick w/ the rear brake.
  8. if you want a great track and don't mind the heat and drive....go to E-Street ...its the best track in northern cal....by far. Its a little more advanced. But still pretty safe and way better then club. Check it out when you feel comfortable holding your lines on a busy track. If you are overwhelmed you can always drive down the street to riverfront, which some consider more beginner friendly, but i tend not agree, just for the fact that there are so many beginners and worst of all quads share the track. Sandhill is by far the safest, when it reopens go there for sure. Dixon is easy, but track prep and single lines can make it difficult with more riders, but in this heat no need to worry about that. moment of silence for Club Moto......RIP
  9. yes, but continous throttle only goes so far, blipping the throttle when attacking a bigger jump that you may not have the outright speed to clear, will compress the suspension on the jump face and rebound as you leave the jump providing you more lift to clear. It will also help bring your rear up in the air and level you out. One of the most important aspects to remember is all jumps are not the same, and mosts track will have several jumps with varying degrees on steepness. Body postioning is the most important thing to get right, stay over the bars and elbows bent, knees firm against the bike, this will provide the most effective postion for dealing with problems in the air. If you start to loop out and you are way back on the bike and arms straight you will not be able to recover properly. Secondly, something else to rememeber the steeper the jump face the more you need to compress the frontend into the jump this will also allow you to nuetral in the air (keeping the front down)....its always going to be a combination of these things and other techniques (brake tapping and panick reving at times), the key is to not ride over your head and get comfortable with smaller easier ones and work your way up. In learning, I have had some pretty decent get offs, but they were due to bad positioning mostly.
  10. jniles

    Jetting specs Ti 4.1/ quickshot

    joe jet....first, you are being a huge help, thank you. second, yes I am doing all those things (and no question is too dumb...in the heat of riding i've done some dumb sh#t). As for the idle set too low, i don't believe so, I mean I haven't set it with a portable tach, and I have been messing with it becuase it was dying the first day I had the pipe when I would lock up the rear into corners. I have been overly messing with it though. I didn't want to set it too high. I call fmf they thought I should be running a #45 pilot. I have 42 in there now, so that may help.
  11. jniles

    Jetting specs Ti 4.1/ quickshot

    out of a turn, no bog, just a lot of power. Last night gave it a kick in teh garage, first with the choke it came alive, after 30seconds or so pushed in the choke, and it died. mid 60's temp.
  12. jniles

    Jetting specs Ti 4.1/ quickshot

    joe jet, rode hangtown yesterday, high eighties; (amended) with the choke on the bike started up, but when I would push teh choke it, it would shut off. I would need to use a little throttle to keep it going. bigred...i will test those adjustments tommorrow when I ride club moto see what happens. thanks
  13. jniles

    Jetting specs Ti 4.1/ quickshot

    I am wondering what anyone who has a '05 rmz/ ti 4.1/ and quickshot has done with their jetting. I am running too lean, stalling when hot, nearly impossible to restart by the end day at the track. Very hard to start in general. If someone who has this setup could get me their jetting profile I would appricate it. stock jetting as is, two turns 1.75 turns out on the fuel screw, no other adjustments. Normal riding temps above 80 degrees and elevation less then 1000ft. Thanks....
  14. jniles


    just took the journal off, tapped it and put it all back to together, i world of caution for anyone doing this...I would do both, even if the other doesn't need it. You will get inconsistent grab pattern from each bolt and one side of the valve cover will be slightly higher then the other. Something to remember.
  15. jniles


    just took the journal off, tapped it and put it all back to together, i world of caution for anyone doing this...I would do both, even if the other doesn't need it. You will get inconsistent grab pattern from each bolt and one side of the valve cover will be slightly higher then the other. Something to remember.