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  1. Chopper1300

    xr350 help needed

    The valve clearances sound a bit too much. My 85 has the same values as tele-ski's 84. If you are getting good compression, it may not be the rings. I have seen quite a few motors where the oil rings loose their sealing ability but the compression rings are still good. The motors smoked really bad. The timing sounds like it is right. Make sure the front of the chain (towards the forks) is tight and the slack is in the back part of the chain (towards the carb). I hope this helps and good luck!
  2. Chopper1300

    XR400 swingarm pivot bolt

    I do not think the EDM method will work. I am pretty sure that is a material removal method used by alot of mold making machine shops and not a sparking/electric shock machine. I had a four wheeler with the same problem. Short of bending the frame, I beat on the bolt with a 12 lb. sledge without a budge. I ended up having to do the same as GUMBYXR400. I made new bushings and bought the axle. I hope this helps and good luck!
  3. Chopper1300

    I need a new pipe for my 1984 XR25, anyone selling?

    I have an 85 xr350r. I ended up buying a new Alien slip on for an XR400 off of ebay for $41.00. It slipped in the stock header perfectly. I did have to cut the pipe on the slip on to make it shorter and had to move the frame mounting tab. A little bit of welding and now I have nice sounding bike. It opened it up nicely, also! Just a suggestion. Good luck.
  4. Chopper1300

    New baffle in XR400

    I have a xr350r and replaced the original baffle with an alien XR400 baffle. Had to modify it, but there was a big difference. The original was very restrictive. The idle screw had to be turned out about 8 turns!
  5. Chopper1300

    Jetting is really getting OLD!!!

    My understanding is that the popping on deceleration means you need more fuel with the main jet. I don't know what the factory jetting is, but any change in the air flow in or out of the motor requires a change in jetting. I would guess a bigger jet main. The other thing to look at is the spark plug. Run the bike hard in 1st gear and kill the motor before decelerating. Look at the plug color. Try to look at the burn line and the color of the plug. This will help in determining if things are rich or lean. Just my 0.02!! Hope things work out!
  6. Chopper1300

    Leakdown Test Question

    When you installed new rings,did you make sure the ring gaps do not line up. You should install them 180° apart to help minimize leaking past them. If you do apply compressed air in the cyclinder, check to hear where the air is leaking to: air box or exhaust. This might help in determining if it is valve related. Just some ideas. Good luck!!
  7. Chopper1300

    18" wheel conversion, XR350r

    I compared pictures of the 400 swingarm to the 350 and went to a bike dealer and from what I could see they are basically the same. I figured the most I would have to do would weld a stop for the caliper bracket. The stock swing arm of the 350 will work with the disc brake set up. The caliper bracket mount uses the part of the swingarm that holds the brake hub from spinning as the stop for the caliper bracket. No mods needed and kept the rear shock and such! The rear wheel lines up perfect with the frame so geometry was still the same. I mounted the slave cylinder to the frame closest to the swing arm where the rear brake rod runs. I just need to modify the rear foot brake lever push up the slave cylinder rather than pull the brake rod. If that makes any sense! I don't have pictures yet. I will try to get some in the next day or so. I hope this helps!
  8. Chopper1300

    18" wheel conversion, XR350r

    I went a different path. I have a 85 xr350r and decide to convert the drum to disc. I have all the parts, xr400 caliper and mounting bracket, xr400 slave cylinder and a 650L rear rim. Outside of a few machined mounts for the slave cylinder to the frame, the rear rim, caliper and bracket are a direct bolt on! Also have cr500 inverted forks and xr400 alien exhaust. Just some ideas!
  9. Chopper1300

    Bye Bye XR One last clutch question maybe?

    Too old is crazy talk!! I have a 85 xr350r and it runs strong. I ride it hard also. A stock motor and suspension upgrades. As stated, the reliability can decrease with upgrades. Bearings will always wear out and need replaced at one time or another, no matter what bike it is! Not soaking the plates could have been the problem. Good luck with resolving the clutch slipping!
  10. Chopper1300

    Dual Sport Vs. SuperMoto?

    You could get a set of super sport bike rims and get the right spacers for a cheaper way to get the 17 inch rims. A set can be picked up for a few hundred bucks off ebay!
  11. Chopper1300

    1985 xr350r possable Jeting, overheating?

    I have a 85 XR350R also. It predetonated alll the time when it would get hot. I always ran 93 octane also. I ended haveing to use av gas (~100 octane) and that took care of the pinging. I have read about people using the oil coller off of the XR400, which mount up on the steering stem. You would have to make sure the oil pump would be able to get the oiler to the cooler. I would think it would since it pumps it to the top of the frame. The synthetic oil should help run cooler. Anyway, just some thoughts!
  12. Chopper1300

    XR400 Rear Rim

    I tried using a disk rear wheel assembly off of a newer Suzuki. Made the right spacers to get it centered in the swing arm, but it was not lining up right with the rest of the bike. It was shifted to the left. Put the stock rim back in, it was not lined up in the swing arm, but lined up perfect with the frame and such. It is hard to explain! I have a newer kx and that rim sits in the middle of the swing arm and lines up with the rest of the bike. I can get the suzuki rim to fit perfect on the kx. It is frustrating to say the least! I am certain the xr frame is not bent either. It has always tracked fine!
  13. Chopper1300

    XR400 Rear Rim

    Billygoat, I am converting a 85 xr350r and the left side of the frame is wider that the right side. The rim sits closer to the right side of the swing arm than the left. It lines up perfect with the seat sub frame. I have read about the 400's rear rims lining up the same way. Do you know if your xr250 or the 600 sits similarly in their swing arms. If so, then I could look for other xr models. Shane, Biketrdr, no local recyclers in my area have the rim so far. I did see that one ebay. I am watching it. Hopefully it doesn't get up the cost of a new rim! I appreciate all of the input!
  14. Chopper1300

    XR400 Rear Rim

    Thanks for the responses. XR-Rated, I will post the ad as a WTB. Rockjockey, I would need a completed rim. I am wanting to convert a drum brake bike to a disk. All I need is the rim. Thanks again!
  15. Chopper1300

    XR400 Rear Rim

    This is a first post but I have been reading and checking posts almost everyday for some time. Alot of good info! I did not see a wanted to buy forum so I posted here. Anyway, I am looking for a good used XR400 rear rim, any year. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.