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  1. magoo13

    Pushing 41;should I get a XR400 or 250X?

    I'm pushing 48 and have the CRF250X 2004 which I mostly use for Hare and Hounds for which it was built. It is road legal. I last had a WR250f which was a good bike too but the Honda is lighter and more nimble.....the e-start is a real plus for me being short on inside leg inches. Before that I had an XR280R which was brilliant on the trail, gas 'n go maintenance but not so good for racing compared to the WRF and CRFX. If I could I'd have done it, I would have kept the XR for trails and have the CRFX for racing. No valve problems to date! Ride safe
  2. magoo13

    CRF250X stage 1 hotcam breaks springs?

    Appreciate the feedback guys.....seems like my gut instinct was right.....ask someone who knows much more than me! The grinder thing did worry me, but then so did the idea of the springs letting go. You've made an old vet happier with his new purchase!
  3. Just ordered a stage 1 Hotcam to complete mods to the motor. Done airbox and jetting. Thinking I don't need the extra 500 revs from the pink wire trick, so will hold off on that....I like my valves where they are for now!....unless there are other benefits that I don't know about? Since then a shop that fixes heads (valve seats etc..) tells me that the last bit of the valve spring has been known to break off when using these cams. They suggest grinding away the last eighth of an inch from the tip of the spring that sits under the cap. Anyone got any similar experiences? Is this sort breakage restricted to Hotcams? Perhaps it is just over reving? Should I ignore it and fit the thing anyway?