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  1. I recently purchased a crf150f that didn't run, cleaned out the carb, fuel lines & tank, changed the plug and now it fires up, idles and runs good up to about 1/4 throttle. I've changed the main jet and the jet holder with no change in performance. Thinking it's electrical??? Any help would be appreciated...
  2. How about clicker adjustment, show what happens when compression is too tight/loose, rebound too slow/fast.
  3. Just drill out the exsisting rivets and pull the insert out. Place the spark arrestor over the interior pipe (you may need to modify the screen) and re-rivit the end cap back on. Make sure not to use too large of a drill bit. It should only be as large as the new rivet diameter.
  4. Does anyone make a stator for the 06 yz450? I'd like to run lights for night races and want to stay away from batteries.
  5. I just received a reply from e-line and they currently have no plans on making one. Bummer!
  6. Does anyone know who makes a front or rear brake rotor guard for an 06 450f? Thanks!
  7. Thanks, how do the bulbs hold up?
  8. Does the 450xc have an ignition coil that is capable of running dual sport lights? Thanks