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  1. phiza

    hard to start!

    I've bought an 04 R & find it hard to start, sometimes up to 5 mins of kicking. I've checked the valves, all in spec. I've checked the plug & other basic stuff, all seems ok. Living in the UK it's pretty cold & have found that when it does start it's with no throttle at all & no choke. Could this mean it's running too rich? It smells rich & sometimes get some black smoke when you rev it cold. If you use choke or the throttle before starting, it wets the plug. please help, thanks.
  2. phiza

    Valve issues, who is having them...

    i've got 04 R, just checked valves, all in spec.
  3. phiza

    crf250 04 valve clearances

    I'm new to this so take the piss if u like but would the valve clearance settings be the same for a UK bike to a USA bike? I want to check them & have been given loads of measurements.What are the official setting for a crf250R 04? Do you check them cold/hot? When changing oil, should I soak the filter in oil first? I can't get a manual over here as every1 says the bike has to be out for 3-4 years?! Any help would be great.