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  1. Congratulations on your podium blais.
  2. Bartram's out. He broke his wrist and clavicle this morning.
  3. It would be pretty amazing if he can pull it off again. Rossi has been playing games leading up to this race. Lets see if they work.
  4. Thats my favorite kind of jump. Really safe. Going fast but not to far off the ground. Used to have a similar one out in Hesperia.
  5. Yes. It works very well. I have a XR650 with HRC kit and you ride it slow at all and it wants to heat up. Engine Ice improved this immediatly. Its also environmentally safe.
  6. Good luck on finding a KX500 that new. They were pretty obsolete already in 2002.
  7. Cus we all knew who was gonna win anyway. reed,ricky or bubba. The entertainment is gone.
  8. Glad to see someone moderated these immature kids in here and left my logical explanation for the problem for which the thread was created.
  9. Off 395 on the way to mammouth
  10. Your in for some top notch riding.
  11. Have precison concepts do your suspension for desert and learn to stay on the back tire and slide/steer with it a little more. revalve is a must
  12. Did not read thread so I dont know if someone put this into lame terms for you yet. The cost to have a plumber come out and clear the drains offsets your measly 5 buck to wash your bike by tenfold. Easy. Happened to me many times also. Buy a pressure washer and do it in you driveway. Thats what I did.
  13. Point being if your half blind dont sit high.
  14. Neither. Go higher if you want to see the whole track and get them on the end closest to the highway or the sun will be in your face. Or under the press box if there still available. Unless those seats are up high. I read row 1 and 5 and thought they were low.
  15. The reason the guy leading is 49 is beacuse there is no new blood in that sport because there f'n crazy mo-fo's