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  1. Hey Shawn, I'd love a copy also. Does your manual cover Paioli Forks or WP? Please send to sebaum at pacbell dot net Thanks!
  2. Nice thread! Especially now since I have a trailer myself. Does anyone have issues with mounting things to the plywood walls? I was leery of doing it until I started looking at this thread. Mine are 3/8" fir plywood.
  3. I just picked up (Friday) the Mirage Xtera 7X14 "Gold" edition. Super trailer! Ramp rear door, side RV door. I am very glad I shopped around. I believe I got the most trailer for my money.
  4. 65 tops on a 450??? Is the sx geared that low? I love my 525 but something smaller would have been a good idea for me as I was a beginner... I really like my wifes 400exc
  5. 40-50 mph for an amateur is probably close...the fast sections don't seem very long...5-9 miles on any give course. Each loop is 35-40 miles typically for a 2 loop race.
  6. Did my first D37 race in 2005 September. 37 y/o on a bike for all of 6 months. KTM 525MXC. To answer your questions-they vary from club to club and race to race. The Check Chase was the most technical riding I've ever done. Lot's of hill climbs that were off-camber or loose rock. Not much time to relax and certainly could have used some higher speed sections. Here is a breakdown of my experiences. All first loop stuff. Desert Scrambles, the second loop is the same as the first...hare & hound the second is tougher than the first. 2005 Shamrocks Desert Scrambles Red Mountain - 13/48 gearing too short - open course 2006 Check Chase Lucerne - 14/48 too tall - more technical course 2006 RHR Desert Scramble Lucerne - 14/50 felt real good - open type course 2006 Rovers Big Dawg Enduro - 13/48 felt real good again. - technical course
  7. hi all! Can anyone tell me why the air box breater tube on the 50 is blocked off?? Shouldn't it be "breathing:?? how about why it's full of oil and what I should do about it?? Thanks in Advance! Bomber
  8. There is alot of info on KTMtalk.com . I run the heaviest progressive that RaceTech offers and I am sure it's still light. 245lbs no gear. Even though it's light, it made a tremendous difference! I would like to try a larger straight rate but I can't just buy a couple different springs for testing and hope to recover the investment. '05 KTM 525MXC with the desert tank.
  9. What's the difference in offset settings? closer to center as opposed farther from center...how does it effect handling?
  10. Got her done! Take your time, it's a piece of cake...
  11. I was just reading this http://www.mcnews.com/mcn/technical.asp I'd swear it said that if the wheel has a rotor, it will have equal length spokes. I can't remember which page but it was interesting reading none the less. Here is a truing stand I built today. http://mysite.verizon.net/resp7drb/id8.html
  12. jcnek, so how did it go? I am getting ready to do this for the first time too. Any tips or advise? Thanks!