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  1. Here's my '05: 11 oz FWW, IMS tank, O-ring chain, skid plate, Acerbis hand guards, Trail Tech computer, FMF pipe and silencers (reg and SA), revalved suspension.
  2. NM_KDX200

    kx2t vs. yz450F

    I had an '04 YZ450F and I went from it to an '05 KX125. A year later, I had opportunity to ride my old YZ back to to back with my KX (now a 144) before the owner re-sold it. I bought my enduro-ized YZ250 real quick after riding the YZ and am VERY, VERY happy with the enduro-ized 2S. Me, personally, I'd make the swap in a heartbeat if the KX is in reasonably good condition.
  3. NM_KDX200

    Can I run super unleaded pump gas in a 144?

    Yeah. I had Jesse Williams build my KX144 and I asked specifically for non-race gas compression and for good overall power rather than top-end screaming. It runs great on pump premium. It feels like a KDX150 with really good suspension, if you can imagine such a thing. I keep thinking I'm going to sell mine, but then I go for a ride and all such thoughts vanish.
  4. NM_KDX200

    XR & KDX. I want both.

    Just for the archives- I went from a '96 XR250R to a '96 KDX200. After 2 years on the KDX, I had opportunity to A/B the KDX and a '98 XR250R (a friend's) on open woods trails. My KDX had the FMF Desert pipe, FMF Turbine Core, XR400 fork springs with Gold Valves, and some other small mods- no engine work. Observations: 1) KDX feels lighter, punchier, snappier. In mud or sand, it had power to drive thru and keep the front wheel straight. The XR, by contrast, would push the front end and not have the power to drive the front wheel straight. 2) The day that I rode them both (from 8,000 to 11,000'), the trail was full of water holes which I was having great fun wheelying thru on the KDX. I got on the XR and... oooomph!!!... no wheelie! I had to pull in the clutch and pop it. 3) We did this miles-long ascent and then a miles-long descent. On the descent, I had to pull in the clutch on the KDX and rev it to clean it out. The XR motored happily along. 4) If I was ever going to ride with young kids on XR80's, which we did on that day, the XR would be the ticket as the KDX just didn't like it- same issue as #3. 5) The KDX power was good low, but no match for the XR down low. But from mid on up, the KDX smoked the XR. We did several little drag races, including some uphill. The XR would get the jump, but when the KDX hit mid-range, I'd pull a wheelie and leave the XR. 6) The XR felt surprisingly narrow with great ergos and a great seat. 7) The XR was much louder. It had a turn-down end but you could hear it way farther than the KDX's ring-ding. Bottom line for me? XR for putting, cruising, and true tight woods. KDX for faster riding.
  5. NM_KDX200

    which oil do you guys like?

    Same here. I ran H1R once and my bike seized. I don't necessarily blame the oil because it was a detonation problem, BUT I had 14 hours on the same jetting with Yamalube and no issues. That's when my 125 became a 144 (and got ported for "all around" power).
  6. NM_KDX200

    Picked up an 05!

    I'd love to have one of those to go with my '05 KX144.
  7. NM_KDX200

    how to jump a 70ft table top???

    There's an 80' TT at my local track and I have to hit it pretty much wide open in 4th on my KX144. I'm 165 lbs in the shower, probably 185 all geared up. Gearing on the KX is stock. Much depends on the height and angle of the ramp. Obviously a ramp that's steep and high is going to throw you differently from a shallow and low ramp. If I don't make it, it's a hard landing. I'd rather come way short, land on the TT and gas off of it, than nearly make it and land a 75' jump w/out the help of the down-ramp. In fact, last time I did it, I came up just a little short and the bars must've twisted a little. The next turn and "OW!!!!", I must've pulled a muscle or something. The next day, I had this: Hurt for two weeks. I never crashed, felt an impact, or nothing. So, take it easy.
  8. NM_KDX200

    Is there anything wrong with the 02-06 Grizzly

    We have 2 Grizz's, an '02 and an '05, that we run for hundreds of miles a summer here on the ranch. Both bikes have about 5000 miles on them. Very few problems. Check the oil and if you add oil, don't trust the dipstick immediately. Run the engine a minute and let it sit for several minutes, then check it again. I used to just check it and it seemed like it was always low. Then one day, I ran it, let it sit, check, etc. and ended up adding oil 3x until it "settled in." An addition that I HIGHLY recommend is the Pro Design air filter. We have a lot of grass here and the seed heads were always working past the stock filter into the carb. The Pro Design stopped that. Other than that... great bikes.
  9. NM_KDX200


    I bought a 'shield and put it on our Bruin 350 which is sort of our utility ATV, used for fencing, carry buckets, getting the mail, and slower stuff as opposed to the Grizzlies which we use for long-distance rides around the ranch. My observations: 1) doesn't hurt wind resistance. 2) does a good job of protecting the rider's hands and upper body. Face still gets some wind, but not as much. 3) Cross winds still getchya, though. Blocking a head-on cold wind is a help, but when it gets you sideways, it's still cold. 4) There's a lot more engine noise. The w/shield seems to reflect engine noise back to the rider. 5) I dunno how well it's going to hold up under vibration. We'll see. On the whole, I like it okay on the utility ATV, but I'm not sure I'm going to put one on the faster ATV's just yet.
  10. I have an IMS tank on my NEW-TO-ME YZ250 and I'm fixing to order some brackets and a petcock for the stock tank so I'll have a complete working MX tank that I can easily swap. Since I haven't had the tank off yet, I need to know: are there TWO mounting brackets or just ONE? The schematics seem to indicate one. Easy one! Go ahead, hit it out of the park!! batterbatterbatterbatterbatter....SWING! Thanks,
  11. NM_KDX200

    Gary Semics making you a better rider!

    The best riders in the world hire people to point out their mistakes, places they can go faster, etc. Since none of us here are "the best riders in the world", I'd think we could benefit, too. I've been riding for 35 years and I'd sign up for Gary's class in a snap.
  12. NM_KDX200

    The Great Spooge Experiment

    I had the main jet fall out a couple of weeks ago after installing a new pre-oiled air filter. I thought maybe the filter was over-oiled and causing it to bog down at 3/4 throttle. Then I removed the float access bolts and there's my main jet.... I was amazed it even ran AT ALL, but it did. I was cleaning the carb last top end and I'm' sure I just forgot to tighten the jet down.
  13. NM_KDX200

    How does my plug look to you....

    Mine's darker than that, so I must be running 2 steps rich if yours looks rich.
  14. NM_KDX200

    144 kit for a 2006 or newer YZ125?

    I have a KX144 done by Jesse Williams (www.williamsmotowerx.com). He was a pleasure to work with and we did a lot of communicating about what I wanted from the bike. The engine I most liked was my KTM 200sx and Jesse gave me a motor that's very much like that, only not so much (144 vs 200, after all). I'm glad I went the customized route instead of the bolt-on route, myself.