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  1. TennesseeSandman

    New Motorcycle Site for folks near Tennessee

    Hello Folks, Just wanted to extend an invitation to a new web site just started by our little group of riders in West Tennessee. Our link is http://www.tnridereports.com . Our site is not cycle brand specific or anything, it's just a small site abouting riding in West Tennessee and the surrounding Tri-State areas of Ark, MS, and TN with a mix of Kentucky. We are only a few weeks old but we have some helmet camera footage and pics of our riding adventures. Stop by and join our Forum and say hello while your there. Sandman
  2. TennesseeSandman

    First Ride On 06 Xc450

    Congrats on a great bike. I have an 05 450 EXC and it's a nice ride. It's a heavy beast but necessary to haul my fat a$$ through the woods.lol