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  1. Jim525b

    06 KX250 Stock Fork settings

    If you have the forks on the bike loosen the triple clamp rotate the top tube intil the cap is in the right place then all is good.I think 12 rebound 10 comp.
  2. Jim525b

    6 weeks since last start now won't fire any advice?

    My 07 did the same thing 4 weeks off .Belive it or not drained all the gas put fresh started right up.Yes it can be as easy as that.
  3. Jim525b

    What jetting been successfull 07 RMZ450

    I went 172 main 45 pilot 55 leak that's with a RS2 pro yosh pipe it seems to be spot on here in Calif.
  4. Jim525b

    Spongy Front Brake 03 KX250

    Try replacing the plunger in the master cyl.That's what was wrong with mine.Motosport outlet has the part in stock for 25.00 bucks.It takes about ten mins. to change.Then rebleed the brakes and I bet your good to go
  5. Jim525b

    KX250 Spark Plug Question

    Now I don't feel so bad.The only difference in the plugs is the the insulator is longer not the threads.I've been running the Br8eix for sometime now no problems.Check it again you'll see what I'm talking about.I did the same thing.
  6. Jim525b

    2005 KX250 Broken kickstarter

    It's a shop in nor-cal Eastbay Motorsports
  7. Jim525b

    2005 KX250 Broken kickstarter

    Mine to broke right after I bought it in Feb 05.If you ordered it from Eastbay make sure it's for a KX and not a KXF not the same.They have a bad habit of ordering four stroke stuff.I guess they assume everybody rides 250fs Have not had a problem seance I got the new one. Good luck
  8. Jim525b

    2005 KX250 Frame Guards

    Yeah it's www.techspec-usa.com they don't make pre cut for kawi. just get the flat sheet and make your own
  9. Jim525b

    2005 KX250 Frame Guards

    Try looking at Tech spec they make a rubber grip tape .I made a templet of the upper frame cut it out put it on and it's still on sence feb.of 05.And your legs really stay put. I put it on both bikes 03 KX250 and 05 KX250.
  10. Jim525b

    2003 kx250 vs 2006 kx250 much different?

    I have a 03 and 05 KX250.The 05 has higher seat foam better forks/shock.The motor has a bigger hit and it pings with stock jetting.All fixable .162 main 48 pilot 3rd clip down VP110 gas.The 03 I put pro circuit pipe bosyen rad valve race tech gold vavle and it's almost as fast.I like the 05 on the MX track and the 03 in the woods . The 03 has lower seat foam can get both feet on flat on the ground.The 05 also has pro circuit pipe.