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  1. I owned the 08 450XCF and used it for east coast enduro. I had the suspension done, and used evans coolant. I am 220 lbs and feel the bike is perfect for me. I've ridden the 09 300, and although it is a very nice ride, I still prefer the power characteristics of the 450. Get the jetting right, so it is crisp off the bottom, and technical terrain is much easier. Reliability is not an issue. I put 176 hrs on it before I replaced the piston and timing chain. I sold it to my buddy, and he loves it and will race it next season. I just bought the 2010 450SXF, only because the XCF is no longer being made. I ride and race for fun. I've owned and raced many of the KTM models over the years and find this bike to fit me perfect and be the most fun bike to ride. After 30 plus years of riding, I've decided that "fun" is my most important goal. This bike is FUN to ride.
  2. madkx

    Spark arrestor for a 250sxf???

    I recently put the FMF Q2 slip-on exhaust on my 250sxf because I wanted to get the spark arrestor and a quieter bike. The bike is nice and quiet now. I am an east coast enduro and harescrambles rider and needed exactly this. The Q2 does not have a screen to clean like most of the others I've researched. Looks good too.