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  1. titanescape

    just bought a 2002 pw50

    I'm with ya on the oil tank, it's hidden up under the handle bars. There's a place down near the crank case, it has a removable filler thumb screw type plug. I just want to make sure if I'm suppose to put anything in there. Thanks
  2. titanescape

    just bought a 2002 pw50

    Ok, everthing sems fine, filled it up rode it around the block a few times and it will get up and go! I did notice what appears to be an oil filler located down by the crankcase. Is that for straight motor oil? and if so do i just fill it up? Thanks again for all your help! titanescape
  3. titanescape

    just bought a 2002 pw50

    Thanks guys, I think I'm as stoked as he's gonna be! One more thing, it uses regular 2 cycle oil correct?
  4. titanescape

    just bought a 2002 pw50

    Just got a PW 50, Santa will have it under the tree. I don't have an owners manual, anything that I should double check for as far as service goes before it get ridden? Thanks