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  1. you can adjust it... just take the throttle drum cover off of the carb
  2. just reading that makes me want to kill your doctor, not because he was wrong, but because he was giving u advice on a topic he didnt know shit about
  3. how much did that cost ya? listen to this: my dealer wanted 375 plus parts to do the top end on my old 85
  4. its the best black kit ive seen... i still like red better thoug... does anyone have a link for the best crf250 photo contest... i cant find it
  5. is that a joke?
  6. get a flat head screw driver and try to twist it out
  7. no u didnt.... i dont think... how is it? are the gains very noticable?
  8. uhuh... the dealer....
  9. http://www.akrapovic-exhaust.com/main/catalog/honda/crf_250r_2006/offroad_evo_hex_two_muff/default.htm dammmmmmmmn 2.1 hp on stock engine http://www.akrapovic-exhaust.com/main/catalog/products-catalog.htm ^^ go to honda, then scroll down and click on 06 crf250r slip ons ^^^ damn 1.2 hp and 1 ft lb outta a set of slip ons o and btw to see the dyno click on diagram/chart on hte right side of the page
  10. bigger front, smaller rear= more top speed
  11. less valvetrain weight
  12. i ordered a hoody and exhaust plugs last wed., the website said both were in stock yesterday i checked on the status of the order to find it hadnt been shipped i call them and after waiting on hold for 10 min, the guy answers... i give him my order number and ask why it hasnt been shipped, and he says we dont have that item in stock... that was a 06 version and we are out of stock of it and wont be getting anymore in; there isnt a 07 version then he has the balls to ask me if i still want the 10 dollar exhaust plugs which would cost me 8 dollars in shipping, after they didnt bother to inform me htat i wouldnt be getting my order %^*& you motosport.com
  13. im not racing D, i mean common its D!!!!!!!!!! but yeah thanks for the advice ill enter C