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    rides quads(400ex built)shoots handguns,builds tacomas
  1. The stock silencers work very well, if you dont mind the noise level ive heard that the ProCircuits add some HP. You may want to look into the H-T Racing headers, they save weight,work with stock silencers and are avail in 2 different power styles.
  2. i_mangle

    Lube for Gold X Ring chains?

    cool, thanks wes, i currently use belray on all my other toys but on this street moto i dont want that white color all other everything, so ill give that maxima wax a try angelo
  3. Looking for a good chain lube that dries clear and is good for x ring chains, anybody have any suggestions? thanks in advance
  4. i_mangle

    new guy from illinois

    gotcha, thanks for the welcome guys angelo
  5. hey guys whats up, new member from wheaton illinois. currently own a 520exc, which im converting to street and supermoto track days. lookin forward to being on the forum, everybody seems helpfull. angelo
  6. i_mangle

    Boots You wear ( Improved)

    FOUR ATV quad boots, i dont recc. them at all, this season ill be upgrading