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    I love camping and riding dirtbikes with my friends
  1. Fast Good and Cheap, but you can only pick 2 of them..... good and cheap, but it wont be fast good and fast, but it wont be cheap fast and cheap, but it wont be good Do the math.....
  2. my first "real" dirtbike was a 1991 350exc. It was the best bike I had ever had, until I bought a 97 300mxc...and even now that I have an 03' crf450r, I still think my old 97' 300 is a WAY better bike...!! thants just my 2 cents worth..
  3. hey let me know how the weather is up there...(snowfall,etc), as were planning a trip the end of november 30th- dec.2nd. as I havnt been up there since memorial weekend 06' and feel it's way over due...!! have a good ride..!!
  4. ok so i bought it the other day and when i tore into it i found that the previous owner felt it would run better without an air filter....so now it's tore apart needing a top end and i'm looking for a parts bike or somewhere that would have a piston/rings for this oddball bike.....? anybody know who might specialize in these p.o.s. bikes..? Now i kinow why they only built that bike for one year..?
  5. dont panic....but i had an older ktm 350exc that when i would start it for the first time of the day, it would start great.... I would ride it and if i stalled it it would re-start fine then also. But when i would head into camp and take a break or refuel or if it would sit for anything longer than 15-30 minutes it would absolutly not re-start. I would have to pull start it and then it would finally start and run. the only thing i could think of is when it's cold the cylinder/piston hasn't expanded and it starts and when it warmed up it had less compression so it started harder..? Once i did the top end it started first kick no matter how long it sat..? Go figure..? I'm not sure if that helps but thats my 2 cents... good luck..!!
  6. anybody ever heard of something like that..? I'm looking at a bike and the owner says it started pushing coolant out and then eventually overheats from it..? he is thinking that the jetting is wrong? but what do you guy's think..? also he's not sure exactly where it's pushing it out from? any idea's?
  7. hey were going to davis this weekend with our group...anybody wanna join...? I'll be driving a red 4x4 4dr ford power stroke with a lift kit pulling a 33ft wanderer toy hauler and camping with a group of about 8-10 people. if your interested e-mail me.... shawnsmt1971@aol.com see you there shawn
  8. do you have a link for it on ebay..? or can you email it to me...thanks (shawnsmt1971@aol.com)
  9. mee too send me some pics... (shawnsmt1971@aol.com) thanks
  10. Does anybody have any project bikes or rolling chassis' hanging around? I am recently getting into these small bikes and absolutly love them. I race a crf450(enduro'd/hare scrambles) and i love playing with these smaller bikes. also i would love to try out a 230 motor in a 200 frame. I know there are alot of mod's(carb/electrical/issues/etc) but anyway i would still like to find one to hack on..? thanks guys
  11. I'm thinking about picking up an old schooler for hill climbing. and was wondering what you guys thought about that old relic..? I'm only talkin about 200 bucks for it so i figured i couldnt get hurt(financially)...lol
  12. yeah mine looks like "never seize" and it never looked like that before...? but everything still works fine... so i guess i'll run it till it gives birth...?
  13. from what i gathered some will probably get new trailheads and some may not ever get marked..? so for now we can ride existing "marked" trails and till they mark the new one's theyre closed for now..?
  14. mee too....03' that came new with a red sticker and went to renew it and got a green sticker....shhh... dont tell anybody...
  15. by the way were still going there this weekend for a ride....anybody wanna join..?