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  1. RWITT

    1993 cr 250 fork settings question

    do you have the fork rebound settings ? thanks
  2. RWITT

    1993 cr 250 fork settings question

    Thanks,that gives me a starting point.Previous rider was 220 and I'm 160.
  3. does anyone know the stock fork settings for a 1993 cr250 ?
  4. RWITT

    Steering stops

    I just got a 1993 cr250 and the steering stops are broken/removed from the lower triple clamp.The lower clamp hits the frame as the stop.(more movement) Does anyone know of any pros or cons regarding this ?
  5. I thought it felt like a 250 2 stroke weight wise with 450 power.
  6. I've got 75,000 on my z71 with Michelin LTX m&s and expect to go to 80-85,000.
  7. RWITT

    Gnarly or Fatty on your 250?

    I race a 1989 cr250 in a vintage club (Calvmx.net) and I have a gnarly pipe on it.I think it is a little easier powerband to use on tight tracks.Its not as pipey and my other bike is a 06 crf450 so I like torque motors.I seem to be able to pull pretty evenly with most other bikes except 500's on long straights.
  8. RWITT

    Rekluse e-axle

    Is anyone using the e-axle to change your steering offset? I have a 2006 crf450 and would like the front to turn the tight stuff (mx) a little better. I've got the fork tubes about 5mm above the triple clamp. I like the idea of adjustability and lower cost than replacing the triple clamps.Thanks for any comments.
  9. RWITT

    Fork tube height

    I'd like my 06 crf450 to turn tight mx corners better.I can't afford 20mm offset triple clamps right now so I was wondering what amount the fork tubes can be raised above the triple clamp safely (bottoming?) for better turning.I currently have them raised around 3/16" (4.5mm).
  10. RWITT

    turbine core or not ?

    I just bought a 1989 cr250 to race with the vintage club in the post vintage class.It came with a new fmf gnarly pipe and turbinecore 2 silencer.My question is whether or not a silencer without a spark arrester would produce enough more power to make a switch worthwhile. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  11. RWITT

    Cahuilla Creek Mx

    From Temecula take 79 east to 371 north.I think its about a 30 to 45 min. drive
  12. RWITT

    front tire vote

    For a soft to intermediate front tire on a 06 crf 450,I'm deciding between a Michelin ms-3 or a Pirelli scorpion pro.I ride Mx and some desert.Any votes either way ?
  13. RWITT

    Front Tire

    Has anyone used a Dunlop773 on hardpack? I know they stick like glue in the desert.I had a 756RR on my cr250 and it worked pretty well in most places but I was surprised at how well my buddies 773 stuck in the sandy stuff.Also how would the Pirelli scorpion pro compare to the 756 for all around use.I ride mostly So. Cal. mx tracks and some desert.
  14. RWITT

    Southwick Ama National Pics

    Nice job!
  15. RWITT

    Favorite MX boots

    I have Tech 8's and they are comfortable.I thought the separate bootie would be a pain but it's not.I'm not too crazy about the buckles because they're a little sharp and you could cut yourself if your careless. Overall though I'm happy with them.