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  1. i have recently put a few things up for sale in the for sale section ..... had a few replys and a couple of them seemed a lil wierd like 1 they were from UK wanting to buy my lil pit bike and my 426 2 they agreed to pay me alot more for the bike then what its worth (like i told them 10,000 for an 02 426) but they said with the extra i needed too pay for the shipping to their.. (AGENT) 3 2 different entities send me checks over the last week ... the checks look creditable so i cashed them and im going to leave the money in me accounts for a couple weeks...till im sure they check out. 2 ppl sent me checks ... 9850.00 for an 02' 426 and 5000.00 for a 2004 crf 50 good prices huh? any suggestions? as far as i know ... the two ppl were members of this site....!
  2. manofsteele_80

    i need new suspension pro-wheel shock??

    has anyone encountered the pro-wheel shock ,,, how does it work rebounds good? any opinions??
  3. manofsteele_80

    any one have one for sale?

    i have a crf 50 with lots of mods for sale .. and i also live in illinois , for what it would cost you too ship the others too you from 1. washington 2. nebraska , you could have mine tomorow im askin 1300 obo let me know 309 531 1801
  4. manofsteele_80

    Quite Pipe?

    rock on with the late night urban asults .... nothin better than that, thats my job here in il.
  5. manofsteele_80

    do i need a big bore pipe for 125 lifan

    i just ordred a 125 lifan for my crf 50. do i need to get a big bore pipe or would a fast 50's aftermarket pipe work ??
  6. manofsteele_80

    no power, seems like it boggs alot!

    i figured it out ...... the only reason it was bogging alot was because the back brake was sticking on.. thanks for all the help guys
  7. manofsteele_80

    post your vids

    sorry bud but girls that wear panties and cry all the time arent allowed to ride 50's .. and post on 50 sites j k
  8. manofsteele_80

    no power, seems like it boggs alot!

    i have a 04 crf 50 , in second gear it seems to bog ALOT and has almost no power in 3rd the motor now is stock except for the manual clutch but i do have a fast50 pipe on it , but i boggs with the pipe on and off of the bike.. is there somthin ealse that i shoulda done too it when i put the pipe on .. or is there somthin i could do to the carb to make it run better ?? i checked the plug and it is one of the best golden colors i have ever seen.. HELP.... i want to be able to switch the stock and fast50 on and off for track riding and neighborhood stuntin, (helps keep the cops away)
  9. manofsteele_80

    lifan motors ??good???

    i just bought a lifan motor 125 4 speed , wanted to check out if any one has had any major probs with it and anything i need to do to it before i mount it in the 04 crf 50. ALSO do i need to get a bigger pipe to put on it or will the fast50 pipe work?
  10. manofsteele_80

    125cc Lifan engines

    i just bought the lifan 125 , havent put it in yet did you buy one did you like it ? whats the news ??