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  1. This may sound like a stupid question but the other day as i was talking to the salesmen about the X and Rs he mentioned he had an X and he put the R head pipe on. Which lead me to think.... when buying an aftermarket exhaust do they make R and X specific models? Logic tells me YES, Or do they just say for 450X and 450R? Would there be any advantages to buying R parts vs X parts? Since I know the R model is more uncorked? I want the power of a R but the ease of use (e start) of the X. Im >< this close to buying one now.... but Im trying to hold out until spring so I can see if I can get a really good deal on this 05 holdover. But the urge to ride is killing me.

    What kind of helmet do you have?

    For dirt right now I have a Fly helmet..... works well, but then again I've never had to test that. For the street I wear a Fulmer, Suomy, KBC, and Shoei (on order). Fulmers new line of helmets for 06 look really nice the graphics are really nice, I can attest to the protection as well. I got hit head on by a dodge ram and I ended up smashing my face into the grill/hood area and landing on my back. I was very lucky, I walked away completely fine I just had a scratch on my shin. I did have a slightly swore chin but otherwise the helmet did its job. If I wasn't wearing a helmet, god damn I'd probably be dead or need extensive plastic surgery. I equate the crash to running full sprint head first into a wall. I saw the impact, I saw the hood, I also couldn't do shit about it, but ride it out! My friend gave me shit cuz Fulmers are cheap (through a friend I got mine for $75 including tax and tinted shield!) but when he heard the story he was convienced its as good as any 500 plus helmet.

    how do you apply graphics?

    If its anything like car graphics you mix a solution of soap and water. clean the area well, spray solution on both the area and adhesive side of the graphics. The water/soap solution allows you to slide the graphics around to center it etc. lay the graphics on the area and squeegee out the solution and work out the bubbles. Be careful not to crease the graphics as well. Again I have no experience with MX graphics kits im going on what I see my friend do when he applies graphics to cars and trucks, but I cant imagine the processes being that different.

    450x- must have's?

    Congrats man!

    Just bought a new 2006 CRF 450 X!

    As I've said in all the other Im a new 450 owner threads.... congrats and Im very jealous. HAHAHA

    My New 05 CRF450X!

    Im jealous... I'm hoping to buy a 05 450X hold over in the spring of 06. But there is only one left at my local dealer and Im getting really close to just buying it now. Congrats again..... please post up your review.