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  1. hotsauce34

    KLX 110 Vs. XR100

    My buddies and I use the bikes to goof around on and race on a little track that we have set up. I was just curious if I would be at a disadvantage on the 110L?
  2. hotsauce34

    KLX 110 Vs. XR100

    I was just curious as to how these 110's compared to the honda xr/crf 100's. I am thinking of maybe getting the new KLX110L but am wonder how it will do compared to my buddies xr 100. Will i be able to keep up with the 100's because they seem to be a little bit of a bigger bike and also have a 5 speed transmission. Wanted to know what your opinions were or if you guys have had experience with this.
  3. hotsauce34


    I will be moving to Southern California in 2 months and was wondering what kind of tires people are using in the area? Hard, Intermediate, Soft?
  4. hotsauce34

    Wow lots of problems need help

    My bike has done this twice where it will run when I am on the gas but dies as soon as I let off. I checked the piolet jet and it was plugged. I then cleaned the jet, put it back in the bike and it ran great from there on out. It was a pretty simple fix and I think it might work for you.
  5. hotsauce34

    09 Prices

    I was just curious if anyone with the 09 kx250f would be willing to share the amount that they paid for the bike? I am looking at picking up an 09 andam curious how much it is going to cost me.
  6. hotsauce34

    Team Green Jetting

    I was just curious as to what people thought of the team green jetting specs and if they actually were worth switching to? If people who are running them could give me some feedback I would appreciate it.
  7. hotsauce34

    Pro Circuit Shock Linkage

    I was just curious if anyone had this on their kx and if they have any feed back on whether or not it helps out the handling or not? Was thinking of purchasing one but am not sure if it is really worth it. What are some of your opinions?
  8. I was just curious what some of the changes that people are making with their jetting on an 08 kx250f fitted with a full Ti-4 exhaust system. I know pro circuit has some settings that they recommend but I am just curious if they are the right ones? I am riding close to sea.
  9. hotsauce34

    Recomended Jetting Specs

    I was just curious what kind of jetting specs you guys were running on an 08 kx250f with a full exhaust system? I have heard some people say that the bike does not need to be re-jetted but i just wanted to get some more opinions.
  10. hotsauce34

    Las Cruces Riding?

    I am new to the area and am just looking for some motocross tracks in the area to ride. Can someone please give me some ideas are where the closes places are and how far away from Las Cruces, NM they are?
  11. hotsauce34

    Polished Frame

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how to polish an aluminum frame and what tools are needed to do so? Thanks.
  12. hotsauce34

    need a dr.d lowering part.

    i have a brand new lowering kit that has never been used if you are interested in buying that.
  13. hotsauce34

    power now

    I was just curious what people knew about the power now blades that go on your carburetor? Do they even do anything to help the bike? Are they even worth buying?
  14. I was just curious if anyone has tried the procircuit exhaust on their yz250f and if so what their opinions on it might be? Would you recommend the slip on or the full system?