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  1. whiskey wheelie

    pw50 rear wheel assembly

    I'm now having this same damn issue... can someone please explain this? I'm racking my brain over this stupid little issue. ll
  2. whiskey wheelie

    Best looking KTM contest: post pics

    Here's my 350 xcf... Team YMP..! lol
  3. whiskey wheelie

    What am I gonna love about my new 350XCF?

    Its an awesome bike right? Only thing I've done was added a sparky, and skid plate.. did the suspension later but really isn't needed. Best bike I've owned by far!!
  4. whiskey wheelie

    Anyone know if 13' 350sxf graphics will fit 13' 350xcf

    Thanks man! Figured they all used the same shrouds in the same yr.
  5. Curious if they use the same cutout? I would imagine so but haven't been able to figure it out... Thanks!
  6. whiskey wheelie

    finding the right suspension settings 350xcf

    When I bought my 13, it was deflecting a lot off rocks and roots.. everyone said I'd need a revalve but I just slowed the rebound down and it was money. I'd start with putting clickers back to stock and messing with rebound.
  7. whiskey wheelie

    First ride 2013 350 XC-F

    I thought the same thing but once you ride it a bit... just back off the rebound a bit and once broke in it is super plush. I love my stock suspension!
  8. whiskey wheelie

    350 xc-f or xcf-w

    If you came off a 300 xc, I think your going to ride the xcf-w and think its pretty slow.. just my take. I've ridden all three bikes and was tossed between the xcf-w and xcf. Dont get me wrong the w is a great bike, but it takes a lot to get it fast, and my 13 xcf stock is a badass bike.. and I came from a yz450 10' that was just a bit to much bike for me on the trail now looking back.. but track it was a sweet bike. I got the xcf because it rips more like a motocross bike.. its basically an sx with minor off road additions and I mainly trail ride mine but do hit track as well. I do ride with a friend that has a w but he had to do quite a bit of additions to get it to move and he rips on it. Also, the w gets waaay better gas mileage than mine. his 12 w gets over 100 miles on a tank easy.. my 13 xcf gets 65 miles to the tank. I've heard a lot of happy owners of the 300.. how come you sold it?
  9. whiskey wheelie

    is the 13 sxf 350 to much?

    Love the MS3 front with the 404 bridgy rear... the ms3 rear tends to rip in any med.-hard terrain, but the ms3 makes the front feel a bit heavier than the 403 but does way better in soft-med dirt and definitely after a few rides even after the front knobbies are a bit rounded, the ms3 still holds strong! Thats my experience...
  10. whiskey wheelie

    Anyone tried the KTM rubber bar mounts?

    Yep.. I've had a couple bad accidents but this was by far the worst.. was riding a lot and got a little over confident not respecting the bike or the dangers of riding. You know you love riding when you come back after a life threatening accident... its a tough one to give up even though I said I was done this last time for sure! That being said, sure glad I dumped my yz450 and got my first ktm this yr. Can't say how happy I am overall with the bike right off the showroom floor with only a sparky added for offroad.
  11. whiskey wheelie

    Anyone tried the KTM rubber bar mounts?

    ya thats what I meant... I can't complain about my suspension as its super plush but I originally posted this topic because I get harshness through my wrist that I busted in several places last yr. Took a hard get off at hangtown.. busted my wrist, hand, arm, broke three ribs, seperated both shoulders, punctured a kidney, collapsed a lung, had blunt force trama to my heart which caused me to have a minor heart attack (basically similar cause of the kid that died on the snowmobile in xgames) and delt with paricarditus for about 6 months after... so shit, I can't complain about a weak wrist to much. lol.. Just happy to be back riding again!!!
  12. whiskey wheelie

    Anyone tried the KTM rubber bar mounts?

    Damn.. thanks for all the responses. Just finally got into checking this site. I guess I'm not to familiar with what you guys are referring to on the green elastomers.. havent even heard of or seen them. I've been riding about 4-5 days a week and hitting the gym and thinking I may just bag it all together and keep taping up the wrist until it gets full strength back. It's funny how some guys dont like any vibration and then some do. One of my buddies I ride weekly with who was one of the top guys offroad nationally and rode for ktm redbull and factory suzuki loves hard ass grips, super stiff suspension and loves to feel every bump on the trail. I have my stock suspension setup plush right now and can honestly say I've never ridden such great suspension for offroad than my 350xc-f so not sure why I read about people disliking wp.. lol.
  13. Curious if anyone has tried the rubber bar mounts and if they make much difference? I was a little suprised to see they are $200 for the set and they don't come stock on ktm where as any of the jap bikes they were around $40 if I remember right. Debating on getting some or going to the flex bar until my busted wrist is fully healed and strengthened to take some of the initial hit from rocks and roots out..
  14. whiskey wheelie

    Exhaust for 13 350xcf

    I read a recent review somewhere in which they compared the PC, AKRO, and FMF, and the FMF was the winner all around until the quiet core insert/sparky was put in, then the PC had a little better top end if I remember but the FMF was still better than both all around and better than stocker. I went the FMF 4.1 and it woke the bike up a little more and gave it a great grunt. Only thing I wish they still did was make it easy to remove the quietcore/sparky like the older fmf's for track riding.. but personally I wouldnt notice the difference anyway. Everyone seems to say the stock header with the resignator is as good as they get so I left that alone. Other than that I love the bike.. stock suspension is $$ for a combo of woods and moto.. It's my first ktm and couldnt be happier with it! Just found the review.. looks like it was an older review but I went FMF anyway...as you know the motor changed quite a bit from then.. http://www.dirtrider.com/tests/parts-accessories/141_1012_2011_ktm_sx_f_pipes_comparison/
  15. whiskey wheelie

    2013 350xc FMF q4 vs stock. Anyone do it?

    There was a good right up in dirt rider or some mag that I read that said the q4 gave the best results between the fmf, PC, and Akro.. I ended up getting the FMF 4.1 and can say with the quiet insert I think it woke the bike up in the midrange.. definitely didnt loose power with the sparky and quiet tip.