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  1. kx450fmaui

    oil drian plug front one?

    Do we have to take that little one in front out every time the oil is drained? I have striped mine a little can't realy tighten it up to far or else it just spins. So I teflon taped and used lock tite for now may have to tap and go up one more size or hele coil. Thanks
  2. kx450fmaui

    Hot start locked up

    Happened to me too... Had to remove seat tank and stuf to get to carb and since I was there I also changed the spark plug.
  3. kx450fmaui

    I think there is a scam going on....

    What you need to do is kindly ask him to forward the payment mode to your post office under your name c/o general delivery or you can use perhaps your employers street address which I think would be best. He is trying to get your bank account information and any other personal names such as your mothers maiden name this group of people will then use your good name for their illegal business transactions... kinda like forging your ID and borrowing it and you tack the fall if anything goes wrong. You may also contact the Secret Service they are now handling this type or fraud. Just a tip from your o'l pal Hair dawg arf arf
  4. kx450fmaui

    Hand Guards

    Ordered mine through the dealer had to mod to get at the hot start. Got them after getting nailed with a rock injuring the right little finger still after 4mths it is a little stiff. One thing you got to check is that u r getting the correct mounts they all try to sell u the one's 4 ATV and snow mobiles ...only because it's the one in the picture.
  5. kx450fmaui

    Air pressure in tires

    13 up front and 14 rear sx style track i am 205lbs Some guys are saying that 110-90-19 gives them better traction due to side wall flex... anybody else
  6. kx450fmaui

    pipe shootout?

    Oh yea thats it! What a hit through the power band. It really uncorked the bike I am very pleased with the results of the DR. D full carbon system. If you want to step it up on power get the Dr. D step system you'll be glad you did.
  7. kx450fmaui

    pipe shootout?

    Well I got the Dr.D full race carbon system today ! It bolted right up nicely no problems. It has to be the lightest full system I have picked up. Price compared to the others available was 100.00 to 300.00 dollars cheaper too. The pipe lists at around 679.00... I'll be at the track on Sunday yahooo
  8. kx450fmaui

    pipe shootout?

    Well I read the reveiw in DB so... I have ordered the carbon Dr. D. through Aloha Cycles. The stainless rated very high but I am going with the weight saving carbon . I'll post the results I get LTR.
  9. kx450fmaui

    07 kx450f news

    I'll be picking up a new 07 oh yea!
  10. kx450fmaui

    KX450 - Off Road Use

    Wow Holister Hills I rode there back in 1972 what a blast 844 acers I belive it was george greenwell that owned the property ...and it's still open after all these years!
  11. kx450fmaui

    KX450 - Off Road Use

    Hey I have orderd a 12 tooth front chain wheel. First gear is a little tall for the upcountry rides and yes a finger on the clutch. I orderd the 12 tooth up front due to it's quick change back to the 13 tooth for the track. I am also going with a gold chain.. so it's one length for either sprocket just adjust the axel towads the front for the 13 and little back for the 12. One tooth in front equals three (3) teeth on the rear. Just a little tip from y'r ol pal Hair Dawg "Arf arf"
  12. kx450fmaui

    pipe shootout?

    before I purchase, What pipes are some of you folks hooked up with? Pro's con's Thx
  13. kx450fmaui

    otd california prices?

    holy crap U folks got off cheap!! On Maui it was 7400. OTD
  14. kx450fmaui

    hand gaurds

    Just installed airbis mx flags due to rock flying that hit finger it's still sore after 3 weeks. Had to bring internet web site picture to dealer to order correct mounting hardware brackets.
  15. kx450fmaui

    Do you use Torque Wrenches

    Naw u don't jus a hammer and chizel will remove any bolt.