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  1. dougstar64

    Size of rear axle nut?

    Sorry but the beam type torque wrenches are actually the most INACCURATE type, you'll want to go with a click type torque wrench which has a twist handle. I work at an earth moving place (extremely large company) which has their own calibration room with a full time employee which calibrates all types of measuring equipment (e.g torque wrenches), and the beam torque wrenches rarely ever pass the specifications. Where as the twist handled types (http://www.norbar.com/products_range.php&category_multid=1&range_multid=10 ,best torque wrenches out) come up as being SPOT ON 95% of the time. Although even an inaccurate torque wrench is 100 times better than none at all.
  2. HAHAHA, now that is something i have done before, did a wheelie and nearly passed out from the fumes.
  3. dougstar64

    How to split the cases

    Probly would have been a good idea not to touch the bad motor until you got the new one, just to make sure they don't want it back?
  4. dougstar64

    You've got to love the ladies!

    LOL, ripped pants.
  5. dougstar64

    Her first Thumper!

    Lol, love the suspension (seat).
  6. All i can think of after seeing those videos is how much my bike would overheat if i did that.
  7. dougstar64

    What do you guys make of this bike???

    "Girl not included with bike." DAMNIT
  8. dougstar64

    Who uses their kill switch?

    Hahahahaha nice one, love the band. Hate hate HATE their newest album though.
  9. dougstar64

    Disk Breaks?

  10. dougstar64

    1st 250 4 stroke racer

    Not neccessarily, i have an 01 yz250f, owned it for over a year, no history of past owners, the thing never misses a beat.
  11. dougstar64

    What songs get you PUMPED!!!

    I reckon you'd like Opeth, although i dunno about their vocals, but you pretty much described opeth in that statement. As for the whole subject of this thread, atm it's Strapping Young Lad - Last Minute Unearth - Giles
  12. dougstar64

    WOW! it really adds up...

    Ok, I added up to $2025. That being what i have actually spent, minus the bike check up because i do that myself, on all those things you mentioned. Australian dollars btw. Jesus i didn't realise it was that much haha, good luck on finding the money.
  13. dougstar64

    Question on Scotts filter

    Little off subject, but how do you guys clean the scotts oil filters, some contact cleaner?
  14. dougstar64

    Uh oh.. Toyota truck making sudden thump

    Im leaning towards shock absorbers on this one.