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  1. johnnyboy

    pussification of mxon

    A few years back Top Gear did a American tour and during that episode Clarkson stated that it was obvious that some Americans had taken to mating with vegetables ! I have to ask are you one of the results of such a encounter ? If so what was your mother a carrot - cabbage - potato .
  2. johnnyboy

    pussification of mxon

    And that statement just shows you as a huge liar !!! EVERY ONE knows Mog smells of chinky take away 😀
  3. johnnyboy

    MXoN '18 served MXGP well, time for some US-GP's!

    Hes riding a KTM Mog ! Cant remember the team but im sure when I sober up it will come back HIC HIC
  4. johnnyboy

    Has Roczen hit his new ceiling?

    Errr Herlings was coming from behind running faster lap times till he tripped up when Anderson slowed him up is how everyone else sees it lol
  5. johnnyboy

    Official 2018 MXoN Smack Talk Thread

    I thought it gave up ? At the risk of dropping someone in the mire! Searle was the only person that said it gave up not the guys who work on his bike.
  6. johnnyboy

    Official 2018 MXoN Smack Talk Thread

    There was nothing with the clutch in Searles bike Mog and he will be our weak link in even getting into the top five .Jake Nicholls would of been a far better pick .
  7. johnnyboy

    Roczen Dumping Cargo

    Once again everyone is over thinking the whole thing !!!! Kenny has no arms that work properly so pushing the button is a no no for him. There you go problem solved and close the thread.🤣
  8. johnnyboy

    Herlings who?

    Got to ask the question once again on how Herlings who goes to work for KTM and its them who pay his wages every week and they say he has to ride a 250 and he goes out and wins in the 250s while Cairoli who also works for KTM but races a 450 and goes out and wins means Herlings is a sandbagger ? To my mind it would seem KTM who were keeping the wage bill lower as they only needed two riders to get the job done and achieved the goals of winning both classes with the two riders makes perfect sense to me. Maybe things are different in the States and people who go to work for a boss dont have to do what the the boss says they have to do and so just do there own thing, and does it also mean if you work for a company for a few years and are happy to work for said company you are a sandbagger ?? Im so confussed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. johnnyboy

    pussification of mxon

    Really cant see what everyone is on about - Yes the MXGP tracks so far have been shite but all the euros are asking why they have made the tracks like American tracks !!! Mxgp tracks have always been way way rougher than the groomed freeway girly tracks the Americans ride on but something has changed. Yes the Euros were complaining how bad and dangerous the tracks had become but to turn them into the flat crap they are riding this year is madness, Very much doubt if they have forgotten to ride a rougher track in the space of a year so should give the USA a good run for the overall and cant wait to see and read some of the total and utter crap that will be written on hear if the Yanks get a good old pasting on home ground. As a PS my money is on ET if he rides but Herlings will eat the rest alive. Now back to my bottle as im getting a little sober Hic Hic Hic
  10. johnnyboy

    pussification of mxon

    Came from America.
  11. johnnyboy

    1981 Factory Honda 125

    they went further and and made the twin cylinder version ,