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  1. Next question is so how come if the rest of the field tied one arm behind their backs would still be so much faster than you ???????
  2. It wouldnt matter if your bike made 50hp or 100hp the cam chain only ever has the job of spinning cams and opening valves and has no other load put on it no matter how much power the engine makes.
  3. Crank seals will make it run lean guys !!!!!!
  4. Never built a engine yet than ran rich after it was put back together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At a Guess the needle valve is not seating properly or the O ring on the valve seat has dried out and needs replacing.
  5. At least but only if it goes ring a ding ding
  6. Yes I know that !!!! It just bought back memories of how much I laughed and laughed at the dubbed over sound all those years ago.
  7. Start it up and if it makes the noise of a 2 stroke as did the bike in Rambo 1st blood you may even have the same bike that was used in the movie making it worth a small fortune
  8. The weather forecast is looking pretty wet for the weekend and we know Covington can ride in a bit of rain but what about the others ???
  9. Looks like the guys at honda just copied Bartolinis TM but painted it red !!!!
  10. Sounds as simple as a blocked main jet
  11. If it were my bike I would leave the crack alone, I would run a bottoming tap in that hole to make sure its al clean and tapped to the bottom and make a new stud that will most likely be a 3 - 4 mm longer than what came out to ease the load on that area and I very much doubt if it will ever grow or cause any problems , Im sure plenty will say get it welded but I have seen way way worse in my time that have never caused any problems.
  12. Weld a nut on the stud and it will come straight out. I think there maybe a crack in the casting just above the stub if my eyes are functioning correctly so more work may be called for.
  13. Not a betting type of person but if push come to shove my money would be on recycled soda cans !