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    Questions about updating/upgrading an XL600

    yep, you can convert your xl600r from dualcarb to single carb.. I have used a head from nx650 which is equal to 89+ XR600R head except for the manual decomressor (which is not so important on my opinion :-). I think that XR650L head will also fit, it should be the same as for NX650 model.. The only problem is that the shock mount is too close to the engine, so the single carb does not fit. You can modify the upper bracket to move the shock a bit backwards or use the carb insulator from european SLR650 model, which is very short (as i did finally). I did not keep the stock airfilter (and its box) because I have modified the tail section of the frame and made my own box and container for the relays and the battery.. Here are the pictures of my '85 xl600r, i put them to http://4sure.info/moto/xl600rr