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  1. CAD

    02 CRF450 Sparkplug

    Hey guys, After a bit of research im told that the best kind of sparkplug for my CRF450 02 is an NGK Iriduim.. does anyone else run this plug? If so what model specifically? Is it better to run on anything different? what are your views! Thanks!
  2. CAD

    CRF450 Axle sizes

    Shaft size yes, thanks!
  3. CAD

    CRF450 Axle sizes

    Can someone tell me what size axle the 02 CRF450 runs front and rear? (outside diameter) Thanks!!
  4. CAD

    02 CRF450 leaking coolant?

    Thanks heaps for the help guys!!!
  5. Guy's, Ive got a 02 CRF450 here that is leaking a little coolant right near the waterpump. Its below the waterpump coming from a small outlet hole. (see picture) Any idea what could be causing this? core plugs perhaps? coroded waterpump? Does it sound expensive? A mate seems to think its just a coreplug that needs to be replaced... is this a large job on this model? Thanks for any help!
  6. CAD

    Motul Semi Synth

    Whats the best semi synth Motul oil for the XR400? Thanks!!
  7. CAD

    Stock CRF tyres

    Thanks heaps guys!!
  8. CAD

    Stock CRF tyres

    Anone know what tyres the CRF run outa the factory? Thanks!