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  1. cpracing519

    81 YZ80 for sale

    1980 yz80g
  2. cpracing519

    81 YZ80 for sale

    1980 yz80 g
  3. cpracing519

    my 81 YZ80

  4. cpracing519

    1988 Kx 250

    nice bike! I'm working on fixing up a 87 RM125 right now. Gotta love the 80's bikes!
  5. cpracing519

    Justin Weeks Benefit Ride Day!! @ Mx131

    Saturday Oct. 17 12pm-7pm Mx131 Martin,MI Lindsey Scheltema and Maria Vandermolen are hosting this event at MX131 to raise money to help Justin Weeks race to a full recovery. Justin was in an accident on August 30 when he crashed at Freelin MX. He can not feel anything below his chest. Besides that, he suffered from a broken jaw, cracked sternum, partial collapsed lung, and a bruised lung. Justin's condition may be serious, but he has been staying SO positive and determined to make a full recovery and is working as hard as he can every single day;Which is why we are putting on this benefit ride to help Justin and his family with medical expenses, and extra needs they will need after he is released from the hospital. Any donation, large or small, will go directly to the Weeks Family to help out Justin's recovery! Please come out to MX131 and show your love and support for JUSTIN WEEKS!! Besides riding, there will be activities for people of all ages, and food will also be provided. MX131 also has a pee-wee track for the little ones, and a RC car track. Quads are welcome. See MX131.COM for more information and frequent updates prior to the event!! OR PLEASE..please please feel free to message me or email me with questions or concerns about this event. I want it to be a huge success more than anything and ideas/ suggestions anything will be helpful!! lllinds130@gmail.com Thank you all♥
  6. cpracing519

    87 Rm 125

    thanks for the info! I just started the dismantling of both bikes.
  7. I now have 2 87 RM 125 to restore!
  8. cpracing519

    87 Rm 125

    Just got it and its time to start the restore. Hoping to bring as close to original as possible without going crazy with money. Planning on racing it in 2010! Question on graphics? Dont need them yet, cause thats the last thing I need to do, but just trying to find info on my bike. The vin on my bike says its a 1987. Code H 1. Is it suppose to have Full Floater on the swing arm or Suzuki? Mine says Suzuki. 2. On the radiator shrouds are they suppose to say RM125 or just RM? Mine just says RM. I've been looking at other pictures online and havent been able to figure out what I need yet. Any help would be appreciated! Looking at buying another 87 RM125 Tuesday to buy for a parts bike, but it doesnt have any graphics on it to compare to mine.
  9. Nice 86! I cant wait to start the restore on my 87 RM 125.
  10. cpracing519

    my new 1987 RM 125($700)

    I dont need a new bike, I have well over $12,000 into my 06 Kx250F race bike! I want to start racing the vintage class, so thats why I got an old RM! I want to buy a few of them and restore them for my collection.
  11. cpracing519

    my new 1987 RM 125($700)

    here is a better picture now that its home. Runs like crap, but it can only get better from here!
  12. cpracing519

    Water Pump: Which do you use?

    Ha, you got me on that, they are silicone!
  13. cpracing519

    Water Pump: Which do you use?

    Pro Circuit hi flow kit, CV4 Y-kit neoprene hoses, and a high pressure radiator cap. I run Maxima coolanol coolant