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  1. Good Point I will give that a shot. One thing i forgot to add is that the bike never completely stalls. It just flutters and then when I let off the throttle it comes back
  2. I have a 06 DZR400S with a FCRMX conversion, a Yosh RS3 Full System with Spark Arrestor no Insert, and a 3x3 mod. I ride at sea level on the street only and dont have any problems. When I ride off-road 500 feet to 5000 feet the bike cuts out when I am standing for an extended period of time. It is most noticeable in long whoop sections. It did the same thing when I had the stock makuni carb. Please Help! Carb setting - 200 Main Air Jet - 160 Main Jet - 45 Pilot Jet - 100 Pliot Air Jet - EMN clip 3 thanks ELK
  3. Elker

    inner clutch cover replacment

    Its the shaft seal for the end of the crank shaft. I just found it in the microfiche under crankshaft. Thanks
  4. Last week I went down in rocky area and smacked the oil filter housing, ripping the studs that hold the cover off. So I had to replace the inner clutch cover. Ordered the cover and a new gasket from oemthumper and it came in yesterday. I took the old one off and transferred all the parts over to the new one, however when removing the shaft seal that is mounted in the inner clutch cover i bent it a little. I would like to replace it but cannot find a part number. I checked the service manual and it has no info about it, also could not find it in the oemthumper microfiche. Please Help!