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  1. mjbarr5

    need an exuast for yzf

    I have a White Bros. Exhaust I will sell for $250
  2. mjbarr5

    CRforks on YZF

    Is it possible to use the forks from a CR250 2 stroke on a YZ426? I have triple clamps from both the YZF and the CR.
  3. mjbarr5

    YZ426 frame

    Yes good question, I think I am going to try to find the parts to rebuild it as a 426. I need forks, wheels, plastics and seat, I have the bottom end but need the cylinder and head
  4. mjbarr5

    YZ426 frame

    I have a 2000 YZ426 frame, I am told that a YZ250F engine will bolt in if you use the 250F engine mount brackets, Is this correct? What kind of mods would need to be done to convert over to a 250F on this frame?