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    Short report...

    Everybody comments on their frequency of maintanence going up with the KTM,but in my time of owning my DRZ and reading this forum regularly I came to the conclusion that most dirt bikers have a regular maintanence schedule for their bikes,including the DRZ owners.I even started to worry as it seemed on average DRZ owners would check valve clearances often(something I didnt do),so even though the DRZ didnt need all this maintanence they got them any way just to be safe,so maybe this comment of "now you gonna spend all your time maintaining your bike" when you buy a higher performance bike isnt really valid.

    Polished Swingarm for My DR-Z???

    When cleaning my bike I use one of those "dish washing" sponges,the one with the pot scouring section on the one side.Use the rough scouring section on the swing arm,gets it nice and shiny.
  3. I think the salesman didnt understand when you asked about the weight differance,thaught you were asking about the wait(waiting time).I had the Aussie spec E,all the good things combined from the US S and E models.IMO it didnt make a good distance road bike,anything over 100 km on the tar just wore me out too much,no wind protection what so ever..If you want a road legal dirt bike to ride to the trails and back the DRZ-E is perfect.By the sound of the type of riding you doing ie not to technical i would think the KLR is perfect.If you wanting to try more challenging off road riding the DRZ might be an option at the expense of road comfort..I sold my E and got a KTM 200exc that can be made road legal in SA for the type of riding I did on my E,its a far superior off roader,and I am thinking of getting a KLR later for the type of riding you doing.

    Newbie with a stock '07 DRZ400E

    My E was the same(Aussie spec),restricted,85KM/H max.Took it back to the dealer derestricted it,no jetting changes,cruise around 110-120KM/H easily and max out at about 140KM/H

    Rock hopping with the Z

    Where about is that trail? I have just put my second rear D606 on my bike,the first one gave me around 3000km of 30% tar and 70% dirt,I am pretty happy with the performance.You should maybe take a look at the michelin AC10.

    Shift lever tight fit (HELP).

    Adjust the selecter up one spline.Will also get better with time as the boots ware in.I had the same problem couldnt ride my bike when i got my new boots,now i am uncomfortable riding with any other shoes besides my boots.

    air filter oil -- why?

    mechanic at the dealer told me the best way to clean the air filter was to rinse it out with petrol.tried it, been doing it since, 20seconds to clean and the filter is dry in 10 minutes,ready to re-oil with belray foam filter oil.

    How to open her up

    In Sa We Get The Aussie Spec Drz400e,mine Was Also Restricted When I Got It.i Was Very Dissapointed With It And Took It Back To The Dealer And Told Them To Derestrict It.there Is A Rubber "restricter" On The Intake Side Of The Carb That Only Lets Through About A Third Of The Airflow It Should,remove That And Its A Whole Differant Bike,trust Me.according To What Ive Read The Aussie E Models Produce More Power Stock Than The E Models In Other Countries,not Sure How True This Is.

    Crossing rivers

    Thanks for the offer Dan,let me know of upcoming rides,and I will see if I can join you guys.
  10. MALKIE

    Crossing rivers

    Don't know much about the social probs but they sure as hell can't play Cricket! Hey Pep 400 and how much that you guys couldnt defend in a one dayer
  11. MALKIE

    polyethylene skid plate

    These skid plates are made in South africa,I know that the KTM "factory" team uses them over here in SA,cant be bad if they trust them with their national champ.
  12. MALKIE

    DRZ400S vs TE450 Conflict

    Check out this test from South Africa,hope it helps. http://www.motoring.co.za/index.php?fArticleId=2832708
  13. MALKIE

    would I keep up with these guys ?

    Got a 06 DRZ 400E about a month ago.My future mother in law stays in Lydenburg was going to ask her if she knows "the old voortrekker road" they talk about on the suzuki sight.If I cant find their route I will do some of my own exploring.
  14. MALKIE

    would I keep up with these guys ?

    Why not try and get your bike to Lydenberg by car,thats where the good riding starts anyway.After seeing your post and checking the details of the whole trip I am considering doing the ride myself,only thing is I am heading out that way(pilgrims rest) on the 26 December,I would like to find the routes they taking while I am in the area.