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    Torn ACL (OUCH!!!)

    Check out the DonJoy brace they make one called a boot cut which rides a little higher and doesn't interfere with your boot. I have a CTi brace as well and to me the DonJoy is a great deal more comfortable. But keep in mind that mine was around $1500!
  2. GRC


    I just spoke to Dave Hamel from dh1racing, he is in Washougal preparing for the upcoming WORCS race. He is one of the guys promoting the WORCS series. He told me that when he gets back home he will answer any of the qeustions anyone on the forum may have regarding the GPR stablizer and bar mounts. George
  3. GRC

    Auxiliary Fuel Ideas?

    The tank came off of my 2000 WR400. You can find it in the Dennis Kirk Catalog on page 115 it is part # 18-0899. It will hold just a tad over 4 gallons if you fill it completely to the top. The fuel petcock is on the factory side not on the pipe side. Brian, Are you the guy that came up to Reno on the DRN Valentine's day ride? If so I'm Stricks friend that came up and introduced myself. The tank was on my bike then. George [This message has been edited by GRC (edited 06-02-2001).] [This message has been edited by GRC (edited 06-02-2001).]
  4. GRC

    Auxiliary Fuel Ideas?

    I have a 4 gallon IMS pro series tank for sale, it is natural color, and has never had any decals applied. It is not discolored and in good shape. If you are interested e-mail me. [This message has been edited by GRC (edited 05-31-2001).]
  5. GRC

    SDG seat vs IMS Seat

    After waiting on my seat I called White Brothers again and was told that it would be shipped on May the 7th. I'm getting tired of waiting since my new YZ tank with dry break is collecting dust in the garage. Sure hope they are right this time!!
  6. GRC

    SDG seat vs IMS Seat

    I was told by my friendly neighborhood parts guy that my seat would be shipped on the 20th. I have it on order and called White Brothers and they confirmed the date I will keep you posted. George P.S. I sure hope they meant this month!
  7. GRC

    has anyone seen my keys?

    They will always be in the last place you look!!
  8. GRC

    Make your voice heard! Click and Vote

    It is still 81% to 19%
  9. Try www.nohvcc.org for offroader friendly drinking systems. Click on Products in the left margin George [This message has been edited by GRC (edited 03-31-2001).]
  10. GRC

    scotts- vs- gpr stabilizer

    A couple of other things to consider before buying the GPR. One is the sweep controls on the GPR it works from center to bar stops in both directions, away from center and back to center. With the Scotts you can set sweep angles either 34,44,54 or 78 degrees. Also it only works away from center back to center is free. I don't wont to fight the thing both directions when riding tight rocks you know slow first gear stuff. As far as the regular servicing of the unit can be done on your work bench for the cost of the bottle of fluid, now that is turn around time. I was really lucky and got to try out both systems before I bought one. Both are quality products but I felt that the Scotts was just better. If you do end up getting a GPR buy it from DH1 racing, like Team Towrope said. Dave Hamel, the owner, is a top notch guy who stands behind his products. I race the same series as him and know alot of the guys he sponsors. He is a racer and promotes the sport not just some guy there to make a buck. George
  11. GRC

    Attn. Taffy

    I remember a while back you were helping someone research one of their reletives and there racing career. Well I ran across a website today that may help www.raceclassics.co.uk I couldn't remember who the other person was so if you could forward it to them maybe it will be of some assistance. Thanks [This message has been edited by GRC (edited 03-12-2001).]
  12. GRC

    Nevada Green Sticker

    Thank You, everything helps [This message has been edited by GRC (edited 02-28-2001).]
  13. Well if you guys haven't heard the greenies are after us now. Please check out the MRANN website and any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if you don't live in Nevada it won't hurt to e-mail our reps. Thanks again www.racemrann.com
  14. GRC

    Fine tuning suggestions

    Armpumped, These are the setting that work for me, but keep in mind that I have a 00 400. 168 Main Jet 45 Pilot Jet 3rd clip on the needle 1 5/8 turns out on the fuel screw. I can't take total credit for the setting James Dean and Taffy helped me with them. To read the whole story go to my profile and do a search under my posts. It will be under More Jetting Woes and More Jetting Woes Part 2. Hope this helps, Good Luck [This message has been edited by GRC (edited 01-30-2001).]
  15. GRC

    Toyota Sequoia anyone have one?

    Dave VanBrocklin, You hit the nail on the head as to why lease a vehicle. Bar None that is a perfect example. Before anyone buys a new automobile. Please contact me by e-mail or leave me a message on the forum. My family has owned several new car dealerships and I can tell you where they make their money and how to save some money. Recently I worked at a dealership in the finance dept but first as a salesman. But not anymore so I don't stand to make anything here. Just don't want to see anyone get taken advantage of. Not to say anyone will but, there are things you just don't know unless you have worked there and seen it on a day to day bacis. [This message has been edited by GRC (edited 01-30-2001).]