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  1. Nice Pics..... local track?
  2. 2 Smoker

    right to ride on your own property

    Yeah pretty scary. If you can't ride on your own land where can you ride. If people would just stop and think once in a while they would see if you give us a few places to ride legally this would not happen. (Maybe the State of Maryland could build a few tracks and give the riding fees to BGE to lower our electric bill?)
  3. 2 Smoker

    Friday Landing Anyone?

    I'm thinking of going weather permitting. This will be my first trip to the landing. Green Ford Explorer RM 125 PW 50 Stop by and say hi
  4. 2 Smoker

    Back Ends...both awesome...

    she must be a 2 stroker
  5. cool vid, track looks fun keep the vids coming
  6. 2 Smoker

    Sons first race!

    Tmoney that's cool. What track is that?
  7. 2 Smoker

    PW 50 Fluid Change...Help

    thanks curt
  8. 2 Smoker

    PW 50 Fluid Change...Help

    What is the correct amount of tranny oil for this bike?
  9. 2 Smoker

    Trevorton PA this weekend whos going?

    that's cool yeah I really need to plan that trip.....I'll pm ya next time I go...I was just reading your description on Trevorton you hit the nail on the head....even though it snowed the night before it was still lots of fun.
  10. 2 Smoker

    Trevorton PA this weekend whos going?

    yeah went in January with o6rm250 & angry bunny.....snow on the ground about 33 degrees cold but wanted to ride really bad. place is fun...just a long haul for me.
  11. r2 Sweet ride where are u in MD?
  12. 2 Smoker

    Trevorton PA this weekend whos going?

    a coal mining to with lots of trails on the mining co. property....lots of fun, just don't follow a guy named brian on a DZR400 he will get you lost and you will end up riding on the main road for about 15 mins.( that's for you angry bunny)....all kidding aside fun trail riding
  13. 2 Smoker

    RC over his head?

    That's what I meant
  14. 2 Smoker

    RC over his head?

    it's racing or do we have to be PC while racing too! Check out the motocross files on SPEED and then tell me if that was a cheap shot. If there wasn't a bad guy we would have no one to talk about.
  15. 2 Smoker

    2006 RM125 comments???