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  1. amaltman

    Good Deal on an 06 650R???

    if thats truely the OTD (tax and title) and its 0 hours, I'd say thats a real good deal. I have an ad here(TT) for my like new '06, with street title, and asking $5200. firm, but I'm in so. CA. check out the add by amaltman
  2. amaltman

    Looking for a motarded XRR

    Its not motarded, but could be what you are looking for. see my add here for my like new 2006 xr650r. should be on 1st or 2nd page of classified. "CA plated" by amaltman
  3. amaltman

    sale value?

    just fishing for ideas now, cant even bring myself to put out a real ad to test the waters. Realistically the bike's hrs. are about 20. No odometer required for plates. I honestly admit to sittin and stareing at her as much or more as riding. told ya before i wuz nuckin futz. Its not hard to get em plated in CA. even right now today, just takes some $ spent, and follow the correct procedures. I posted the info here in early '06, but if you really want step by step,ask-Allan
  4. amaltman

    sale value?

    its breaking my heart, but I might havta give it up. any realistic ideas what I could be askin if I do? '06 xr650r, un corked, baja quick kit conversion, metzler sahara enduro tires, dual CA registration and title. I have $7500. in her, and about 100 hrs on her, and just as pretty as when I first laid eyes on her! Im 55 and doc says i got degenerative bone whatever, I gotta be out of my mind to ride any kind of mc, etc. ya, I'm outta my mind, is ok, but I couldnt handle being cripple. Is $6k too much? blue book suggests $4300.- makes me wanna be a cripple.
  5. amaltman

    CA plates- my TRUE story

    This'll probably get long, but here goes. Dec '05 dicide I need a DS bike tho hang with novice nephew with a new CRF450. Really wanted the big XRR, everywhere I went, EVERYONE said "cant be plated in CA", buy an L. Couldnt bring myself to do it, had to have an R. Now maybe I got lucky at every step (really doubt that), but I started with a phone call to Ca DMV. Nice man on phone said certainly the R can be Registered and plated, just have to follow procedures, which he outlined. GREAT! Bought bike, BD kit, etc, then followed Nice mans directions. 1- bike must comply with CHP form 888, go to CHP get form, buy and install what you need to bring bike into compliance. 2- go to official state LIGHT inspection station, get pass certificate. 3- bring bike, title, light certificate to DMV, start fillin out forms. 4- DMV lady looks at bike, checks VIN, emissions, etc, and your paperwork. (bike allready registered GREEN when pruchased). DMV lady then fills out her form, sends me back inside for new TITLE, Registration, and Plate. Next DMV man then asks do I want DUAL registration, (ON highway and OFF)? I ask why do I want to do that? Answer- so you can ride OHV areas without trying to hunt down someone to pay your day use fee, as you wont have a green sticker with street registration only. My answer, you bet. An extra $20. for 2 yr, and Im legit to ride anywhere, anytime. 5- leave DMV with new plate, stick on bike, smile from ear to ear, whack throttle and go! 6- ease off throttle, get front wheel back on the pavement! (oh, I forgot the uncorking step, but thats another story). Some people who said it cant be done also said Ca. will revoke the plate, they made a mistake. I dont know about that, they seemed to know what they were doing, and gave me lots of help, so until it happens, RIDE ON!
  6. I cant believe how well rumors, lies, and facts of fantasy are believed, and passed on, never seeming to die. The truth lives, but doesnt get much air time. I must take a stand against all the BS spreading know it alls. I have even heard MC dealers and salespeople repeating crap they havn't a clue about, like its gospel. California registration and plates for an xr650r, (probably any non 2 stroke) is NOT impossible. Its NOT even diffucult. If you are intelligent enough to read this message, you have enough brains to get a BRP plated. Follow the simple rules (DMV will even help you) and its done. I have done so this year ('06), its not rocket science-not even brain surgery. The whole process is really very simple. I only bother with this rant cause Id love to see EVERYONE happy as me, and on a BRP. Who needs cars? Over the mountains and down to the Mall, if we all rode instead of drove, gas would cost a nickle, and the Taliban would be tryin to sell sand. Thanks for listening, and please help spread some truth!
  7. amaltman

    Dual sported XR650R price in California?

    You have been listening to vicious rumors. I got my '06 xrr plated in CA. and it was no problem at all. I have previously posted the details and how easy it was to do, but I guess people just love to keep spreading the BS like they know something. Kentucky Fried Rat anyone? I got my BRP at LA cycles, $5999. out the door. BD kit and DOT tires will add to cost, but ya own a virgin! Mine got plated without DOT tires (since changed to some Metzelers), but its your signed, sworn, word on the DMV form that your bike complies to the CHP form 888, ( a list of regulations for CA motor vehicles). A lights inspection and pass certificate is the only other thing req. You must have the original Title for the DMV though, so if its not in your hand, pre arrange with the bank or whoever to get it sent to DMV. Whichever way you go, you wont be dissapointed with an xr650r, un corked of course! good luck!
  8. amaltman

    acerbis tank

    Hey, thanks for the pics and info. Really informative shots and info. Im sure you love your LD haulers. The ability to go 200 plus really speaks to me, but I just cant change her lines as radical as your very good shots show.
  9. amaltman

    trail tech endurance computer

    Thanks for the good info. Looks like I need one.
  10. Ive read a couple of reviews, but I have some questions. does this unit need power ( 12v) from the bike? Can you see the numbers in the daylight, is there a backlight for night use, and do you think an old guy that needs reading glasses could see it? (dont wear em to ride, just to see). and lastly, would this unit fit behind the Baja Designs headlight I have mounted high and tight. There's probably a 2" X 4" space there where the OEM odometer is, but from the catalog picture I cant tell how big the unit is. I wouldnt want it if it was bigger than that space anyway. Thanks for any info you may have-AL
  11. amaltman

    acerbis tank

    anyone have any pics of the 6 gal tank mounted on a BRP? Im thinkin of getting one, sure would like to see one in person or at least some pics. It would be nice to pass by some fill up stops, but I dont want to make my baby ugly! thanx
  12. amaltman

    New Tires

    yes, they asked us to leave, cause the next time we'd be askin them where do we go to get our impounded bikes. They were pretty cool about it, they might be on 4 wheelers, but they do ride, and I guess in a way theyre just doin their job, whether they like the laws or not, and I suppose they didnt have to warn us first.
  13. amaltman

    New Tires

    anyone out there have any experience with Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara tires? I neeed some DOT rubber on my plated xr650r. These are rated at 50/50 dirt/street, and Ive been doing more street lately, trucking her all the way out to the deserts gettin kinda old, was recently asked nicely to leave Riverside Co., plus I would like a better ride on the street. I still want to be able to run to the top of Saddleback with the assurance the knobbies give ya, but I want to lean her over a bit on the road too. If no experience with metzelers, is there any other 50/50 type rubber you would reccomend?
  14. amaltman

    plates for '06 BRP in Ca.

    just got my new xr dual sport, dual plated in Ca. not hard at all. lotta guys out there tryin to help us newbies but some giving bad info or their opinions stated as fact. step 1, join tt get 10% of purchase of baja designs quick kit, everything you need, and the bubble sig lights on fender pass, plus very nice mounting, add a mirror, go to CHP ask for form 888, read it, (states what bike must have to comply,) ask chp for list of offical light/brake insp. stations while there, take $65 and pass light/brake insp, take light certificate, form 888 and the original title (arrange for finance co to send if not in hand,) to DMV ( must have orig. title,) and $95, you sign a compliance form, they inspect bike for vin#s, sign some more paper and you got it. I did the dual reg. ohv and off, for green sticker purposes, extra $20, but your covered in land management areas, highway vehicles must pay a user fee. Step 2, uncork if you havnt allready, then jump on, and try not to float the front wheel too much! listening to all the gossip (even my dealer said it couldnt be done anymore) almost had me buyin an L. good luck, Allan
  15. amaltman

    Buying A '06 Xr650r

    Just plated my '06, in Ca. go to chp get form 888, a compliance form,read it,while there ask for list of official light/brake inspection stations, get bike light and brake inspection $65. Have title in hand, and light certification and go to dmv, they take $95. inspect bike for vin #s and etc, have you sign that bike conforms to 888, and your done. Note you must posses the original title, or arrrange to have it sent to the dmv you want to use. you will fine form 888 enlightning, whats really required and whats not. afore you do anything, get the baja designs quick kit, its got it all, mounts sweet, sleek bubble sig lights pass, and join tt and get your 10% discount on 1st order, saving you enough to pay for the light insp. started my project in jan, and lovin every min of it. make sure you open er up too, and get usta floatin the front wheel! good luck, Allan