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  1. jefgil123

    Yamaha IT's!

    I have had 3 IT200's The '86 with the front disk is the one I still have. I rode this in District 36 enduros up until 5 years ago. (2004) and could still trophy occasionally. Tthe rear brake was crap, and would need service and shoe replacement almost every time you rode it for more than 4 hours.... Would turn tight trail corners and wheeley out of them ! Light Weight !!! kept me going thru 80-90 mile enduroes. THe front end was a little harsh, but I put the Race Tech emulators, (take out the wave-washer return spring inside them, Really!!) and then they are almost decent. Rear was O.K. but not on par with new bikes. I loved that bike, but got tired of shifting so much. Got a GasGas 300 and it is really a lot like the IT200, being a true trail bike. BUT Gobs more power, and way better suspension.
  2. jefgil123

    1987 YZ250 Vs. Newer models

    I have a 1986 Yamaha IT and a 2001 GasGas 300. The suspension on the GasGas, or any modern bike, is Waaaayyyy better than the Yamaha, handling bout the same. Although I rode the @#$*% out of the Yamaha for many years, the safety safety factor and comfort of the new bike is kinda worth it. I prefer the air cooled motor, though. Also, disc brakes are really nice.... I am honestily thinking an air cooled YZ490/WR500 motor in a modern frame would be the ultimate.\ !
  3. jefgil123

    230 into a 150?

    Specifically, which 250 China motor bolts up? There are so many 200 engines out there, is the Lifan any good? You can email me if you don't want to post the info. jefgil123@yahoo.com Thank you.
  4. Many like the blue JD needle. You got it- why not try it? no doubt your local dealer has a 185 M.Jet, go get one, or J.Dean can send you a 185 and a 180 while you're at it. This will get rid of some of the low end blubber. May not be perfect, though...... Go to KTM Talk and search for "300 jetting" there are 50 pages on this subject.
  5. jefgil123

    2-stroke no longer idles

    Also at higher summer temps you need to adjust your air screw out a bit to lean the idle circuit out. I adjust my air screw each and every ride. That's why they sell those afermarket extended air screws that you can turn with your fingers....
  6. jefgil123

    Only runs with full choke

    Definately a plugged jet or passage. You need to take it all apart and soak it in carb cleaaner overnite. Like from NAPA. Be sure all the screws are out of it- they have rubber orings that will get wasted by the carb cleaner. Then rinse it off with water and blow out all the passages with 80 psi compressed air. Look up thru and be sure you can see daylight thru the idle jet and main jet holes up to the carb bore. Reassemble......
  7. jefgil123

    Amsoil interceptor

    Run 32:1 in the 125.
  8. jefgil123

    dr 350 question

    Try looking here: http://www.kientech.com/ But you should call Jesse as he knows a lot more about the 350 than he can put on his website. He was very helpful when I had mine. (Wish I still had it...) I ended up putting an early DR350 dirt model carb on mine- much better- much more throttle response!
  9. jefgil123

    reshim my WP forks

    Go to ebay and get the Fab Tech fork kit for KTM's same as your WP 43's .(I did, a bit better fork action and you learn the basics.) and there is the info on changing the shims in the base Compression Valve on the bottom of the forks. Otherwise go to motovideo and get their DVD on fork rebuilding. Very good.