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  1. srock

    2016 YZ250F Vs. 250SXF

    Is there a bike consideration for shorter persons.
  2. srock

    2016 250 xcf or Yamaha yz250fx

    What bike is more appropriate for somewhat experienced but still beginner rider? Who wins in the handling and cornering department?
  3. Can anyone comment on the cornering ability of the YZ250f and the 2016 KTMSXF?
  4. srock

    Moto Van Builder

    to make it all legal and compliant for resale is a bitch and expensive.
  5. good idea on new tires, bad idea to buy used. I throw mine out after they are 6 years old regardless of how they look. I have been through the flat trailer tire routine probably 6 times. Never again since I began replacing them.
  6. Just waiting for someone to tell you that you need a F250 diesel. I am going to start using my wifes RDX for my longer daily runs versus the truck. It just makes sense.
  7. srock

    Bent handlebars

    Have none of you ever heard of Darwinism?
  8. this is the answer but it does require some practice become
  9. i had gasoline fumes blow up and it burns..worse my 5 year old had to witness his father on fire. Dont listen to the morons who talk about gasoline as no big deal.
  10. I moved to a new house and the dirt bikes were unknown to my neighbors for over a year becasue they are parked at my cottage. My 5 year old is jumping his bicycle full speed over a small 1 foot tall home made wood jump and my nieghbors yappy 5 year old is just rolling over while my 5 year old yells you got to go as fast as you can. Kids having fun. So, my know it all neighbor keeps talking about how "they" used to jump their bikes over home made ramps. How crazy "they" used to be, how big the jumps were, how far "they" flew blah blah blah so you jumped a garbage can great. OK we all had fun as a kid but it happened every time the kids were in the yard. Finally I pulled my iphone and showed pictures of my 5 year old on the intermediate track ripping. Then a short clip of me over a big triple. I have not heard another stupid jumping story since. OK, mine wasn't a big triple but what does he or anyone else know... Now I have to listen to him talk about wakeboarding. Did I mention the Nautique is hanging in the boat house at the cottage?
  11. srock

    Locking bike in garage

    Stated value insurance policy for me so I don't get what they tell me its worth. Its like 60 bucks a year for a policy from State Farm.
  12. srock

    100 degree+ riding

    Soaking your jersey and keeping it wet works much better in the arid desert than in 100% Florida humidity. Hydration and the right mositure wicking fabric helps along with a good dose of air cooling speed.
  13. If I'm hanging out at a race I wear my only matching pants, jersey and boots. They are all very clean so it looks like I have been given 20 sets from sponsors. If I'm riding I wear loose blue jeans and a t-shirt.
  14. srock

    kick start street legal

    I hid a little switch under the seat of my bike so it would not be so easy to jump on and ride off. I can tell you that a keyed bike can be over ridden in a minute and a locked bike can be hauled off or the lock cut just as quick. Your looking at keeping honest people honest but a determined theif will get the bike. Also, I would have an emailed conversation with my carrier about what the bike was and now is to verify coverage. That will help make the difference between coverage and not coverage. People build, title and modify vehicles all the time and obtain insurance just the same. Take time to do your homework, read the policy and ask questions in writing. Don't be surprised that any carrier will attempt to void your coverage when you have a 2 million claim. They are not in the business of paying out but they do so for for their reputation/sales/marketing.