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    More than a little bit worried about Oasis right now since I am sitting at work and my sons bike still has water in the cylinder. He was off to a great start in his first B race and went down in the wrong spot and eeeerrrt! engine no worky. I hope as soon as I can get out of here we are just looking at cleaning it out, not a motor job.
  2. Wow, I expected more " bad parent" replies. I guess most do not feel what an idiot this guy must have been. And no I am not some wuss about kids on bikes, hey my teen races and my 3 yr old is gettin a fiddy for Christmas. Ya I think he needs a bike at 3!
  3. Nope, does not bother me enough to do more than shake my head, type on the net and hope I raise my children to be better parents than that. Cause your right, there would be no telling him how he should do things, it would never sink in.
  4. On the way back to the truck on 3 @ FH Saturday here comes a long string of family, course that is why we are here. What I could not belive was a full size bike with Dad and a lil one tucked right in front of him on the tank. Slicker than snot out there and do I need to say more. Who the heck does that? I have no problem putting a helmet on my 3 yr old and going slow on a dirt road on the wifes quad, he loves it and it is safe that slow. But a single track muddy trail:bonk: Steve
  5. May you gobble till you wobble!!!!
  6. Shoot me an email please about what you want for it. steve.boraas@paccoast.com
  7. Heybuddy pipe in here, I know you have some sweet brakes on your SM.
  8. Well I guess it is time for a new rotor, need some new pads to. You can only scuff the rotor so much and my pads are toast from fork oil. What are you guys liking for replacement? I see the kits for the larger rotors and so forth and I know that will give better stopping power. But are there good oones and junk out there? What are your experiences?
  9. Enjoyed the 3's Sunday morning ourselves. On 2 the foot deep talc powder where trees had gone down really shows what the trail crew efforts had done in the past years. Such a mess now. The FS sure screwed up a good thing.
  10. How heavy are you? When I was between 240 and up to 270 I ran a BBR spring on the stock shock. It was like riding a pogo stick, at first I thought I do not bottom out so this is great. Then I realized how much loss of braking and handling there was. Everybody on here will rave about the Works shock or a couple of others. Well worth the hefty bank for one. I love it! To bad you were not in my area I would sell ya my BBR spring cheap. I just do not have the time to deal with getting rid of it at a distance.
  12. Keith we hit most of the D36 races, and like others say the Lili at PC and E street are a couple of the best for spectators. Look me up before hand and we can show you around. Or just enter the C race and git r done. There are many C racers out for a good time not a trophy. So no worries man. Get a few under your belt and dont miss Wilseyville. Awesome race. Course set up volunteer and course worker are also fun.
  13. Now Cooter that there is some funny chit.
  14. Wrong bike for it if you want to be compettitive. If you are not all that concerned about how you place and not worried about not being able to do 70 MPH, then it is fine.
  15. I am used to that pace and would not mind riding with you guys sometime. Cant hook up tomorrow but a week or two would be fine. 5 is a sweet trail.