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    Bursitis - just received a cortizone injection

    I have bursitis as well, and had the shot done about 3 weeks ago. You'll get worse then better. Ice everyday and stretch everyday, twice a day. The stretching exercises are: place the hand of the injured side on the "good" shoulder, elbow across your stomach then rotate the injured shoulder forward. Place the hand of the injured side on the "good" shoulder, elbow behind your head then rotate the injured shoulder forward. Place the hand of the injured shoulder on the small of your back and rotate the shoulder backward. For strengthening, best is if your wife can get one of those green stretchy things (I think that is the technical term). Otherwise, get a 3 lb dumbbell. Lift from hand at side out at a 45 degree angle to just above parallel. Hope that helps.
  2. Speedgeek

    Shoei..worth the price?

    In order to offer a lower cost helmet there has to be cost cutting in the manufacturing and testing. There is some good reading on the Suomy website about testing standards http://www.suomy-usa.com/hindex.htm. Especially interesting is that DOT and Snell batch test small numbers from off the store shelf models. If a helmet batch is found defective the manufacturer can resolve it but that does nothing for the people who have bought helmets from that run. That said, the higher end manufacturers like Shoei, Arai, and Suomy do extensive in house testing. They also exceed the standards rather than just meet them. IMO, if you want to risk re-learning how to use a fork and tie your shoelaces then buy a cheap helmet. If you don't want to take that risk spend the money for a high end helmet like Shoei, Arai, or Suomy. Those are the only three brands I would consider after having done some research on this subject .
  3. Speedgeek

    Help! Arm Pump

    Indeed. I have never had arm pump from dirtbikes or roadracing. I'm convinced it's because of an exercise I did for martial arts. I had one instructor that made us simply spread the fingers then clench into a fist. The initial goal is to do this 300 times, then up 100 at a time until you can do this 1000 times. When you first start, somewhere between 100 and 200 your arm will pump and it is very hard to continue but the key is to push thru the pump. This is pure speculation on my part but I believe that this exercise expands the sheath that surrounds the muscle and eliminates arm pump. Not a quick fix though.
  4. Speedgeek

    Motivational Poster

    http://flickr.com/photos/89532257@N00/95061649/ http://flickr.com/photos/89532257@N00/95058722/in/photostream/
  5. Speedgeek

    leak jet = pilot jet

    Really great info, thanks.
  6. I see references to replacing the "leak jet". Is this the same as the pilot jet? If not, what is it? Thanks, Aaron
  7. Speedgeek

    03 yz250f oil leak

    I noticed there was a small bit of oil under the bike. There was oil on the bottom of the frame under the left (shifter side) foot peg. As best I could see there was no oil on top of the frame or any sign of leak from the engine or tranny. Does this bike carry oil in the frame? Any ideas where it's leaking from? Thanks
  8. Speedgeek

    random useless oil change ???

    SNL skit - http://gorillamask.net/morecowbell.shtml If you know or remember 70's rock music the skit is hysterical.