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  1. Wolfpack21

    Throttle Stops???

    At the dealer I bought from they do: Throttle Stop, Grey Wire, a 48 pilot jet, airbox de-snorkel and removal of exhaust plug. Your dealer may have done the same stuff; many do some or all. You might call your dealer and inquire? Also, when you rejet you ought to confirm what they did while you're in there.
  2. Wolfpack21


    Search this forum for edelbrock. There's quite a few threads on the subject.
  3. Wolfpack21

    AIS removal and jetting ?

    Hey Clark4131, I just picked up up an '06 WR450 and I live in Reno, too. I'm in the middle of doing the free mods, AIS, Jetting, etc. What jetting changes/tweaks are you using? Thanks!
  4. Wolfpack21

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    Try eBay.....I'e seen the Boyesen AP cover there for about 75 bucks.
  5. Wolfpack21

    Good pricing on a wr450

    I paid 6399 OTD for my 2006 at the end of December. This was Sierra Yamaha in Quincy, California. I live in Reno, NV. Also, this dealer will do many of the free mods in the set-up of the bike.