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  1. nice bike man. I have done the same with my bike - lots of work! Good job.
  2. zdek

    1982 Yamaha XT125 Questions...

    Okay, so I got the new fuel filter on, and cleaned the carb out again. I checked the stator and it came back okay with 274 ohms (a little high, but not bad). I then took the CDI off the bike, cleaned the connections and re-wrapped the main pig tail coming out of it (4 wires). I then through the whole thing in the freezer for 3 hours. After thoroughly frozen, I put the CDI on the bike and it fired right up - ran better than I've ever seen. The CDI shortly warmed up and I was left with the same problem. This proved to me that the CDI has an internal crack that was brought back together when compressed (frozen). I took a metal stap and tightened it very tight around the outside of the box and shimed it tightly against the frame and it runs pretty good. I think I'm going to spring for the new CDI box and keep the bike for a while. I suspect that I still need to tweek the carb, but the CDI is the main problem here, unless I'm completely wrong. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks! Joe Z
  3. zdek

    1982 Yamaha XT125 Questions...

    I can get a salvage CDI for $45 here in town - but am suspicious that it may be bad also. I hate to throw $45 at something that may not work... Right now I'm trying to eliminate every other possibility and then resort to the CDI (which may be the problem). I'll check into the NZ units - they may fit the bill. Thanks, JZ
  4. zdek

    1982 Yamaha XT125 Questions...

    It's more than one turn, but not much - I know that the pilot jet has a very small oriface and could be getting clogged. I'm running to the shop this morning to get a new fuel filter and then I'll clean the carb again. Thanks for the replies! Very much appreciated. JZ
  5. zdek

    1982 Yamaha XT125 Questions...

    I checked the fuel filter that I currently have on the bike and it is just wire mesh. I'm going to the bike shop tomorrow to pickup a paper element one that will filter smaller debris. I am also tracing every wire on the bike for shorts. Last night I took the ignition side cover off, found several frayed wires, fixed them, put a new gasket on, and put everything back together. The neutral light now works, but still have the same problem. I received the kick boss today and was able to ride some - I'm just hoping that the CDI is good ($166.00). Thank you for the tips - I'll continue checking wires, fuel mix settings tomorrow. Is it true that I simply screw the main jet in and out in order to adjust the air/fuel mix? Thanks! Joe Z
  6. zdek

    1982 Yamaha XT125 Questions...

    I'll clean out the carb again today and check the two jets. The idle air is set where the idle "drops" rpms and it idles good at around 1100 rpm. I don't have the manual yet (Barnes & Noble sent the wrong one), so I don't know the factory settings. Thank you for the suggestions - I'll be trying those today. JZ
  7. zdek

    1982 Yamaha XT125 Questions...

    Thanks for the reply - my sparkplug looks about right - chocolate brown after riding. When I leave the bike at idle for a while and then check it, the plug is white though. Choke works and is required to start the bike when cold. I replaced the ignition coil and have put a battery on the bike. After adjusting the main jet out a little, the bike runs better but still cuts out - especially when given betweet 1/3 and 2/3 throttle. The spark looks strong, but I suspect that there is either a bare wire or bad CDI causing this. When the bike dies, it is like the kill switch has been flicked. Currently I am push starting the bike because the kick boss broke. So, I'm looking for that shorted wire.
  8. I recently bought this bike and have been working on getting in running and looking good. After several coats of paint, a new seat, and minor mechanical work the bike runs. I rebuilt the carb with the original jets, float, ect and bought a new airfilter. The bike idles nicely but cuts out at about 1/3 throttle. I've put a new plug in, checked the ignition, ect..., but can't get it to smooth out when giving it throttle. It seems like it's running a but rich - how can I adjust that? Also, does the ignition advance? I'd like some leads on what to look at. Thanks in advance! Joe Zaloudek zdek@utulsa.edu