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  1. pretty dang nasty lookin' if you ask me too. some folks just look better with their clothes ON. no offense intended.
  2. who runs tube tires anymore?
  3. i dont know what kind of bike you ride, but a redbull can will fit nicely on a ktm shock reservoir! looks cool too. dirtchief,
  4. i know for sure erin races (the aussie). ive never heard of the other girl. but who cares if they do or not with bodies like that.
  5. looks to me the officials were more worried about getting his bike off the track than tending to him, even the guy that rode up on the bike just gawked and rode off. looked like in experienced flaggers to me.
  6. typical four strokes. push them off the track. if they were on two strokes they could have at least rode away with honor.
  7. go to ridepg.com, they'll make you whatever you want. they have a pic of the leatt brace graphics on their home page. give them a call.
  8. 55 minutes worth of hype and pigs wearing rubbers for a 5 minute show. nice jump though.
  9. OffRoad

    i want to try an enduro over the winter since our H/S season is over. but i dont know squat about them. where are some enduros in NC? or close by, say northern SC, or southern VA. they sound like more bang for your buck as far as mileage goes. i usualy barely put 35 miles on in a H/S race and it's over in a blink. any links to sites?
  10. i believe the specs are 48mm x 90mm. maybe someone will chime in if different. im about 99% sure though. dirtchief,
  11. so what is the jetting secret for this bike, i just bought a new one, 07 250 xcw, and it seems sluggish off the bottom then cleans out well. how do you get rid of the annoying off throttle ding, ding, ding. im at 800'-1000', 50-80 deg. stock jetting. 20hrs. on bike.
  12. i find it hard to believe that theirs 20lb's difference in the two. ktm's website is not known for being too reliable. dirtchief,
  13. i dont think the fact that he, or you ran 50:1 mix is (was) your problem. i know lots of people that run 50:1 without any problems. i think you have (had) other problems ie: jetting or something else. not your pre-mix. dirtchief,
  14. check out nchsa.org bmmspark.com
  15. are you sure those are the correct main sizes? ive never heard of mains that big. sounds odd.