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  1. ktmduell

    Bad Switch???

    How can I tell if the switch is bad on my 97 620 repaced the headlight bulb & still not working & if therse is a fuse, where?
  2. thanks I will check it out
  3. I have a Ktm620 right now im using a Pirelli MT 44 & even with 10lbs of air bike still sinking
  4. ktmduell

    KTM LC4 620 Whats Wrong?

    I have a 97 & I found that choking it when its warm works better than the hot start
  5. ktmduell

    rivets are loose

    I had the same problem with my exhaust but the vibration & pulling the stailess steel rivet through the alumunum was too much so I put small speed clip or nut clips on before pulling rivits & it will never come off again.
  6. ktmduell


    I have been told & found out from experience that clear goggles are not good at the dunes with all the shadows so my question is what is the best color lens to wear?