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  1. bl4d3 k1ll4

    04 Wr 250 suspension

    Is the stock suspension good on this bike? Wut do you guys recommend for my type of setup.. i weight 155IB Im 5'5 and I go to the desert alot and do mostly jumps.
  2. bl4d3 k1ll4

    04 Wr 250 Suspension?

  3. bl4d3 k1ll4

    04 Wr 250 Suspension?

    Is the stock suspension good? Wut do you guys recommend for my type of setup.. i weight 160IB Im 5'5 And i do mostly Jumps and go to the desert.
  4. bl4d3 k1ll4

    anyone want to trade for xr400

  5. bl4d3 k1ll4

    Advice on pipes

    MRD all the way
  6. bl4d3 k1ll4

    Rocket Exhaust

    hey guys what do you think of the rocket exhaust it claims to give the crf 250 better bottom,mid,and high power im interested in getting 1 but what are you guys thought's
  7. bl4d3 k1ll4

    Exhaust Question

    sounds good
  8. bl4d3 k1ll4

    Exhaust Question

    are you sure?
  9. bl4d3 k1ll4

    Exhaust Question

    Hey guys i was looking at the leo vince x3 exhaust Do any of you guys have that exhaust for the crf 450? does it pack low to mid power cause that is what im looking for... sound isn't a problem
  10. bl4d3 k1ll4

    look what i found on ebay!!

    4 strokes are slow? they have more torque then your little 2 smoker... we all have our differnt opinions... keep your comments to your self plz
  11. bl4d3 k1ll4

    Exhaust For 06 CRF250R

    suspension is good...
  12. bl4d3 k1ll4

    Exhausts...MRD vs Stock vs DMC ...Part 2

    for the MRD pipe how can you tune the power like with the endcap tip or he makes a knew 1 for you?
  13. bl4d3 k1ll4

    Thoughts on Dr. D Low Boy

    red beared wuts your gearing?
  14. bl4d3 k1ll4

    250f exhaust choices

    are you kidding me the FMF Q is 96db, i have it....
  15. bl4d3 k1ll4

    Thoughts on Dr. D Low Boy

    Rocket exhaust Vs DMC vs Jardine... what should i pick redbeard besides dmc lol...