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    DRZ400SM brake light doesn't work

    I got the Zeta levers from my local motorcylce dealer. I still didn't have the concept right - the stock brake lever is a single piece. So the additional leg should have come with the Zeta levers. I don't remember seeing it. The receipt has the correct part number but I don't have the package. I will call Zeta on Monday (or maybe Forrest if the leg can be purchased separately). Thanks for all your help.
  2. weisbrod

    DRZ400SM brake light doesn't work

    You guys were right, the brake light is on all the time. The reason is that I did not transfer the little leg that pushes on the switch from the stock lever to the new Zeta lever. DOH! - I think I threw out the stock levers too. I have ordered the parts. Thanks again for the debug help, Jamie
  3. weisbrod

    DRZ400SM brake light doesn't work

    One of the things I tried is removing the brake lever. The light is stays on. Thanks for all the input, you are correct I am unclear if the brake light is on all the time. I will start checking through your suggestions. Jamie
  4. My tail light works but neither the front nor rear brake cause the brake light to go on. I thought that one of the filaments in the bulb might be burned out so I replaced it. This did not fix the problem. What should I check next ? I changed the levers to Zeta. I was initially thinking this was the cause of the problem but then why doesn't the rear brake trigger the brake light ? Thanks, Jamie
  5. weisbrod

    West Coast Supermoto School

    I attended the West Coast Supermoto School at Las Vegas Speedway last weekend. It was a blast. Darrick Lucchesi and Michelle Disalvo are great instructors. I learned a lot and they got me really excited about supermoto. I would love to attend another class. I live in San Diego. Is anyone interested in getting a group together and finding a Southern CA track to host it so we can ask Darrick to come down here and teach a class ? Any track suggestions ? -Jamie